&Stitches #2
I’m not finished celebrating you know. Let’s have another giveaway today, shall we? You could win a copy of the awesome e-zine &stitches today. And there is still time to enter yesterdays giveaway here! Yay! This is so much fun! Read on to get the details on how to enter.

From andstitches zine

The second issue of the zine &stitches was released yesterday and I’ve been reading it today. The whole idea is super cute and darling, and the square format kind of reminds me of the guild magazine we make. I like the sweet design of the 58 pages that is made by Carina and Nicole.

Inside you will find embroidery patterns, stitching tutorials, book reviews and interviews! And me! I might be partial, but the best part is the three more texty bits in the back, where three embroiderers (and I am one of them!) gives their view of craft books they like (the theme of #2 is books)! First I want to try the Turkey Stitch (there is a tutorial for this one + fun pattern project by Carina Envoldsen-Harris) that creates a kind of fringe!

This is one of the pages featuring my photos + words:

iHanna &Stitches

It’s always fun to see yourself being “layouted”! In &stitches I’m talking about my favorite inspiration book Exploring colour, a book that lead me to create my own Pink Sketchbook!

If you would like a chance to win this awesome e-zine, please leave a comment below telling me a stitching story: an anecdote about you and embroidery, about what you stitch, sew, quilt or make. I want to know a bit how, when or why. Just a little bit of something about one of your recent (or all time favorite) stitching projects – and you will be entered!

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Time for a giveaway

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To read more about the zine Books &stitches or buy a copy of issue 1 or 2, then go here. Thanks Carina for helping me/us to celebrate for a bit more!