Did you know you can create your own Image Transfer in your Art Journal using matte medium? It’s a bit time consuming to do, but fun to try. You can transfer images to canvas or any other flat surface too. Why not let it be the start of a new art piece?

Peeking through - an image transfer how to by iHanna #imagetransfer #artjournaling

Do you have a bottle of Matte Medium in the house? I bet you do, because it’s almost a mixed media must have! It is an acrylic polymer emulsion that you can mix into your acrylic paint to increase its translucency and the paint flow. It can also be used as a liquid glue when you are making collage and decoupage, and that is why I buy it. And as an additional use to all of that, you can use it to do image transfers…

For my image transfer, I used a black and white copy of a women’s face, and transferred it using acrylic matte medium. Here’s how I did it:

Let’s try this!

Pink paint brush used when making the image transfer - photo by iHanna

How to make an Image Transfer

You cover the image of choice with the matte medium and then turn it face down onto a prepped surface. It is like you are hiding the image by gluing it face down. Burnish to make sure it sticks but leave a few edges so that you have a starting point when you peal it of later.

Once the medium is dry you wet the image with water and rub away the paper by carefully rolling it with the tip of your fingers.

Woman not smiling image transfer by iHanna

Rub and burnish the paper away. If you are lucky all the paper will roll up and the black print colour will stay on the page…

Then that is what we call a successful transfer, and…

Liquitex Professional Matte Fluid Medium


The smooth paint surface that you create when you paint with a plastic card is perfect for an image transfer or some journaling. I don’t do image transfers very often because it is time-consuming, but I really like the result of this page.

What do you think, isn’t it a rather fun technique?

BTW, I am using thisMatte Fluid Medium, but I believe any transparent matte medium will work – but giving different results perhaps. Plus, don’t forget it’s perfect to use as a light glue for napkin decoupages for example.

Woman not smiling close-up - a photo of an image transfer in the how to tutorial by iHanna #artjournaling

This is just one of many ways that you can do an image transfer. Let me know if you try it out!

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