My scraping card

The card I use when I scrape paint is a my old student card, but it is hardly visible behind all that paint. I’ve been using it for a few years now. I love using this method! It is one of my favorite ways to make backgrounds and art journal pages (and to use a spray water bottle).

In a scrape detail 2

To spread acrylic paint on paper with a plastic card is fun and exiting. It is quite a lot quicker than painting with a paintbrush, and the paint also dries faster because you can spread it out in thin layers.

Scraping progress 1

I started with bright pink and orange on the right side, and then light blue and black to the left. The black and blue then spread to the right page too, to unite the two pages. Here is the page a few scrapes later;

Scraping progress 2

When the paint had dried a bit I continued to add more colours. Titanium buff (a skin tone kind of colour) and patches of gold transformed the page into something new and different. I was so happy with this spread I stopped there.

Painting with a plastic card – Crusade #44

This post is a part of September Crusade In a scrape, where we explore applying paint using an old credit card or flat edged tool.

In this crusade we are asked to explore the grungy and textured possibilities we can achieve by layering paint. I wanted to make a grungy page but then I ended up with quite a smooth one. Sometimes that happens, or rather, I always end up with something of a surprise. No matter what I set out to do the page I get something slightly different. I totally embrace the unknown when I create in my art journal!

A grungy page,
inspired by Michelle Ward, can be seen in my post Smuding, scraping and scratching up art from last year. Black and white grunge for sure! With scrape painting you can also play with stencils etc, like we did when we were braving the elements; check my post out to see what I did then.

Here is a close-up of all that colour joy;
In a scrape detail

Teaching online

Connie of Dirty Footprints Studio is revealing a secret on her blog today, or rather, a secret about 21 secrets… She is very excited and so am I, because this is a project that I am involved in! It is a online art journal workshop coming to you this October! The class will have 21 lessons/techniques being taught by 21 different teachers using images, text, pdf:s and of course video! One of the teachers will be me! OMG! If you buy the class from my site once it is released, which I hope you will (it is going to be so fun!), I get a percentage of that money and you will get all the lessons and make me very grateful to you. I will write more about this soon, and share the process of making videos (!) and being apart of this project!

Curious about the workshop? Read Connie’s announcement and see what you will get and from whom at the 21 secrets page! Registration begins Monday, September 20, 2010 and The Playground officially opens on Friday, October 1st!

BTW, I decided to try to do a gel medium transfer onto the page, this is how I left it over night to dry better;

Transfer in progress

I will show you how it came out tomorrow.