Make Smiling Snowmen Gift Tags

Oh my, when I got started on making tags I couldn’t stop. After The Glitterlicious Tags (with tutorial) I made a few other ones, and I thought I’d share how I made those too! How about a stenciled snowman with a smile on his face?

Make a Christmas Tag
Wanna come along? You still have time to make a few tags for your Christmas gifts, right?

I made a couple of tags that looks like the tags we think of when we say Tag… At least I do, though I now also think about online tagging with value words, but that is a totally different subject. These were created using a A4 cardboard and another front paper, this time not a text book page but a brown scrapbook paper with dots. I glued the scrapbook paper to the cardboard using Acrylic Gel Medium as glue and then cut them down to different sizes.

Make a Christmas Tag
I cut off two of the corners with my scissors and voilá – they look like shipping tags! Not very Christmassy you might say, and I agree. I was thinking I would use these as Birthday Gift Tags later, but then I got another idea as I was sitting there…

Make a Christmas Tag
I wasn’t creating a stencil for a snowman but making round shapes with my round shape punch. Then I thought I could use that round punched out shape as a stencil… and as I had the gesso out… I filled it with white and wow – it’s a snowball. I wonder what will happen if I do another snowball just below the first one?

Make a Christmas Tag
It resembles… a snowman, don’t you think? :-)

Make a Christmas Tag
What if I take my favorite drawing pen, Pigma Graphic size 1, and draw him a face and some stick arms? And perhaps a black hat and a carrot nose? I think that will make him smile, yes indeed, his stone lips is smiling to me! And with some new deco tape these tags are finished!

Here is another one, a bit different but on the same theme:
Make a Christmas Tag
Evil grin snowman!

I need to go out and buy more gifts for my family because I made way way too many gift tags for the things I have bought so far! I had a lot of fun playing with this. I hope this will be a new tradition for me, and I hope you enjoyed tagging along too!?

Make a Christmas Tag
I’m putting the leftover gift tags in a little plastic box that my lip gloss came in, kind of cute huh? I’m hoping I will find the right gifts to give before the 24th is here! In Sweden we exchange gifts on the evening of the 24th just after we have eaten more food than we do during the entire year. Ho, ho, ho, I can’t wait.

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  1. My tags aren’t as nice or fancy as yours, but I’ve been bitten by the tag-making bug this year too! I’ve been using them around the house for labeling purposes, not just as gift tags. It all started when my mom bought me a tag-shaped punch from Creative Memories. I’ve been prone to using rubber stamps on them.
    These are the tags I’ve been making…

  2. I like the little deer and the snowmen are so cute! You can never have too many tags! I saw a cute wreath made out of tags, you could always use any left over to make one to enjoy!

  3. Oh, Hanna, I absolutely love your snowman! And, know what? Your extra tags in that pretty container look like a gift by themselves! You could make some general ones….like for birthdays…and give them as gifts!

  4. Hanna,
    Gorgeous as always. I was just wondering, you said in Sweden you exchange gifts on the evening of the 24th, after stuffing your self full of food. So, what do you traditionally do on Christmas Day- the 25th? Just curious as we do the stuffing ourselves full of food and exchange gifts on the 25th.
    Merry Christmas to you!

  5. Lovely tags Hanna. If you put all your creative projects for the year in one room it would be completely overflowing and coming out of the doors and windows…lol. Have a great Christmas and New Year and I am glad you got that lovely hat back.

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