When I was in France this summer, I found these small trees in a craft store. When bought they obliged me to make Christmas cards this years. I haven’t done that since I was a kid. I’m not a Christmas Crafter at all.

Tiny Christmas Trees

This year though I did lots of cards just because of the tiny trees, that didn’t want to stay in the plastic box (and some great Craft Night inspiration). This is the pile:

This years Christmas cards

I’m proud that I did them, and I might think about making more cards next year, even though card making is a to perfectionistic thing for me really. My skills is best shown in rough lines and torn edges, not in the straight and concentrated design that I think is the symbol of a nice Greeting card.

Christmas card love Christmascard God jul Mikael

This year the Christmas Stamps in Sweden are very cute:

The Julpost stamps
♥ The illustrator is Ilon Wiklund who has made lots of drawings for Astrid Lindgren’s books. When I was wrapping gifts and making post cards I felt like the girl on the stamp to the right. Crafty!