Some of my postcards...
Today I’m presenting all my postcards, in one big blog post. I’m calling them meta postcards because it was suggested that postcards picturing postal stamps are just that, and I have to agree. Plus, I happen to love all things meta: writing about writing, scheduling in time for planning and documenting your journals that are documenting your life… etc. etc. Why not postcards that are turned inside out?

My Meta Postcard #1 of 17

After my initial postcard idea I went ahead and made my postcards exactly like planned. They are simple in technique and yet overflowing with imagery. Portraits, stamps, words, countries, travel stories and the value of memories and ephemera saved.

Meta Postcard #2 2012

I didn’t feel the need to paint, write or doodle on top of these, so I didn’t add much more than enough stamps to cover the postcard surface. Though if you look closely you can depict, on each card, a date stamp, my Chinese name stamp (in pink) and a hand written message on a yellow strip of paper (the same colour as the paper that I printed the backsides on).

Meta Postcard #3 2012

On some you can also spot little rub-on hearts from a sheet I got a few years ago. I usually never use rub-ons, but they are really easy to use and add a little colour to the postcars.

Meta Postcard #4 2012

Sherry, who also made postcards in my swap, made a fun comment on one of these on flickr. She wrote: These remind me of going into a museum… each is a mini-collection of art!

Love that comment! A miniature gallery on a postcard! :-)

Here are the rest of the cards:

Meta Postcard #5 2012

Be sure to stop in front of each “wall” and have a look at the individual paintings. Suomi stamps are from Finland.

Meta Postcard #6 (of 17) 2012

Most of the stamps I used are just torn from the envelope, with little bits of envelope still left as background “wall paint”.

Meta Postcard #7 2012

Sweden’s monarch (recently a first time grandfather to the princess Estelle), Charlotte Bront’s Jane Eyre along with greetings from South Africa (yes, we’ve got joiners in this swap from South Africa too), Greece and India!

Meta Postcard #8 2012

You can learn a lot of you stop and look; here about Swedish flora and fauna.

Meta Postcard #9 2012

Vikings in France? And rainbow hang gliding. And… adventure!

Meta Postcard #10 2012

And learn what a Jew’w harp (mungiga in Swedish) is called in Norwegian or what mushrooms to look for in a Swedish forest!

That’s 10 cards. Here are the “extras” that just happened because I couldn’t stop:

Meta Postcard #11 2012

What do you notice?

Meta Postcard #12 2012

You could weave a story from the pictures, from the castle to the blinded prins for example.

Meta Postcard #13 2012

Or make a postcard for mom, who is also in the swap but not on my list. But always deserving of postcards.

Meta Postcard #14 2012

Sending one of my extra cards to someone who has been sick.

Meta Postcard #15 2012

And someone that I miss.

Meta Postcard #16 2012

Sending kisses and hugs and postcard love.

Meta Postcard #17 2012

And wishes that you are healthy, and that all is well.

And that’s the last one, number 17 of 17 in the numbered series of postcards made 2012.

If you want to take a peek at a few other’s mail art creations, some postcards can be found in this post, and in group pool – thanks for taking the time to comment!