I have noticed that I film a lot more than I edit and share… And as it has been raining a few days this summer, I’ve spent time going through old files. I found footage that I never used for anything, just waiting to be edited into something view-able. So that’s what I’ve spent my time doing. Editing videos. Compiling little “quick tips” for example, like this (very quick one) that I want to share today.

Video tutorial: How to find and cut out your own card-stock embellishments

It’s a bit similar to another video I made, on how to create embellishments by stamping on thicker paper, and cutting the figures out to use later. I love “stocking up” on home made embellishments like this, to have on hand when I’m in journaling mood and just want to stick something down on the page quickly to get going.

How to create cheap card-stock embellishments

Here’s the video, I hope you like it and find it useful.

Video: Create Cardstock Embellishments – if you can’t see the video embedded above please click here to see the video on YouTube. When you’re there feel free to like it and share it with your friends too.

If you don’t have plastic bag packages like this one, you could also cut out other print media that comes on thicker paper, like figures from thrifted playing cards, used postcards, fancy gift boxes you’re given and even gift bags with pretty images on.

I’d love to know how you save money in similar ways? Feel free to add other ideas on how to create personal and fun embellishments that you don’t have to buy!?

Recycle, re-use, re-think everything you see – and save the environment (a few trees perhaps?) while you’re at it.

Here’s to more rainy days this summer.