You are an Artist – Art Journal Drawing

You are an artist (Photo by iHanna - Hanna Andersson)
You are an artist, if you want to be one.

In my Art Journal

In my Art Journal

In my Art Journal

Art Journaling on the edge

Jag tycker om att m?la

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  1. Wow. The colors in this are amazing. I think I would fall under the “want to be one” category. :)

  2. Thanks Jennifer, being an artist or not is up to you. I both want to be one and am one, on some days, other days I feel I can’t even use my paints properly at all! Other days yes, I’m on top of the world! Hehe. ;-)

  3. Yes! Totally agree. Just discovering that for myself. Lovely pages.
    Wish I could get my photos that clear, I lose so much detail.

  4. The eyes have it, so fun that they are different and the blue
    hair, we should all have blue hair at least for a day!

  5. hi! i’m eleni from greece! you create fantastic journal pages!!!!!!!!!please visit me too! i adore journaling!!!!!!!!

  6. i am simply in love with the way you use color. i want to dive right into your pages, snuggle in, and live in the bright swirling brushstrokes!

  7. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE their eyes! They look like they’re wondering or dreaming or pondering on a new idea!

  8. Oh i love the wonderful whimsical imagery you are using and the juicy colours too! What paints do you use? They are so vibrant!

    Love, Violette

  9. These colorful characters are 100% Hanna style! I feel like if I saw those somewhere anonymously, I would still know that you made them. Keep on creating!! xoxox tj

  10. Violette, thanks for commenting! These are a mix of different acrylic brands, but I think mostly caran d’arche water soluble crayons on top of a gessoed page, and then mixed with water. They are my favorite colours! Metta!

    TJ, thank you for your kind comment and the link to your postcard request. I think it’s cool that you see my style so clearly, and I don’t… :-)

  11. Oh Hanna, I love these! I also feel so encouraged when I see the affirmations of “You are an Artist” and the like! Love the vividness of your pages! Yeah!! Thanks for sharing :D

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