Spanish is one of those languages that sounds extremely nice in my ears. I wish I could speak it, but at least I can say Dia de los Muertos all day today. It’s a Mexican Holiday that any artist must fall in love with because it is not only about remembering our dead but celebrating life; our craft, beauty and what is sweet in life.

Dia de los Muertos Art Card by iHanna made 2008-11-01

People there cook to feed the souls of the dead, and I think all the beauty this tradition creates is feeding our living souls too. It’s about bringing death and life together (at least it seams to be about that to me), just like the sugary rose in my previous photo post – summer vs. winter, death vs. life. Or death together with life, walking hand in hand?

And this Mexican holiday also seams to be a lot about crafting – a shrine, baking sugar skulls, making a party, a window display… In a Bloglandia party (that I mentioned previously) that I’m joining in a small way with November 1thDaily Art Card: A skeleton on his way to a nice party (above) and today’s pumpkin drawing, yes, I caved in and went a little Halloweeny just for fun:



When I see these cards scanned and published here I’m thinking Wow, did I draw these? I don’t do much drawing but when I do I feel good about myself and my abilities… I don’t have an art education in any way and still, I like what I can do on paper! When I see what other people draw I always get impressed, but the funny thing is I can be impressed with myself too! It’s not great art, but it’s (by) me – on paper. It depicts what I had on my mind and I think that is amazing. Bloglandia Day of the Dead party

I do love the collages I make but hey, other art forms are here too, ready to be explored in another phase of my life. I like that thought a lot, even though I usually wish I could do it all right now.

I was away yesterday (dinner with friends) and didn’t blog, but even though this post is late it is my blog, my rules. All Saints’ Day (as it’s called here in Sweden) is celebrated in Mexico both November 1 and November 2 collectively, in commemoration of the dead. So I’m only late for my time zone, there is a comfort in that too.

For Halloween I got a beautiful pair of glittery scissors from my mother, with matching pen! Look;

Sparkle scissor
Not the best photo but oh how fun it is to have scissors that glitter and sparkle!!! Love it!

Yeah, after all my complaints about Halloween we had four scary kiddos ringing the door bell (a Martian, a ghost and some zombies), I got a Halloween gift and then got invited to a dinner!

I hope you’re having a great day – I am. The sun is shining and I’ve already been out walking.

Happy November – the most creative month of the year!? (Well, it’s up to you to make it so!)