Flower pot

Today is day 100 of this year and that means… yes, I’ve made 100 Daily Art Cards!

Today I did a collage with a big eye in the middle. The all-seeing eye.
Daily Art Card # 100 Like many of my collages this one just “happened” with the magazine cut out that fell out of my sleeve today. They come together with not much thinking, just letting my hands decide. It’s probably not my hands, but my aesthetic scenes that are working though. It just feels natural to let it happened and the more I do these collages the easier it gets.

This project is showing me how tiny steps taken each day does grow into something huge to be proud of! It’s making me be creative every day. It’s challenging me to create when I’m dead tired. It’s showing me that I’m an artist in many ways. That I can do more than I think I can.

A few other cards I really like myself:

Daily Art Card
Daily Art Card made 5th of April.

Daily Art Card
Daily Art Card from 3rd of April.

Bird Print - Daily Art Card
Daily Art Card from 1th of April. Do you recognize the bird stamp that I carved?