Oil pastel crayons are messy to use and don’t get out of their box very often. But the genius water soluble oil pastels should get out and dance over paper more often. The Water Soluble Oil Pastels are great crayons if you ask me.

Water soluble crayons

Personally I love how fun and easy it is to doodle with them, their bold color and how they mix with water to create great art or backgrounds for art such as collages, drawings or paintings! Here is a quick and easy inspirational tut that might get you dancing too?!

Water soluble crayons

Just randomly doodle the colors around on your watercolor paper. Leave some white space between the colors if you want to keep the colors clear once you add water.

My cuppa paint
Pour yourself a cup of water, get a paintbrush and dip it in. Time to swirl a bit.

Water soluble crayons
Fill your brush with lots of water and doodle around in the thick pastel crayon color. It will dissolve and spread like watercolors, mixing together beautifully! Rinse before getting to the next color so that you won’t mix the hues too much.

Water soluble crayons
When the water dried I choose to painted a thin layer of acrylic medium (or transparent gesso) on top of the page so that it won’t smudge later. This is something that is suposed to be added to your acrylic paint so they will be more ample! It can also be used as a varnish or a glue. I don’t think you have to do this if you’re working in book form. I however will use this page as Daily Art Cards and cut it down to 10×10 squares. These cards get handled (scanned, stored in piles etc) a lot so I want to protect them a bit. Painting a coat of acrylic medium (gel medium) will also make it possible to draw or write on top of the oil pastels.

Here are a few close-up photos:

Background play
Yummy right?

water soluble crayons

Crayon doodles

Oh, and five of the four cards have already been transformed to daily art cards and they look like this (click to comment and view a bit bigger at flickr!):

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