Duckling When I received the book Kyuuto I decided to try to make an amigurumi from a pattern. My previous ones I’ve made free hand. I didn’t think I would need the book except for great visual inspiration, but I’m so glad I did try one of the patterns! It was easy, fun and my first little amigurumi-from-a-pattern friend is so cute! I made the duckling in yellow wool and I love how both the head and body are so much rounder than other bodies I’ve made! I finished the parts rather fast but since then I’ve been looking for the plastic eyes I know I had somewhere! Now I’ve finally found those eyes and little duckling has been introduced to the world outside and met some new friends. I want to make more animals from this book that’s for sure.


I recommend the book Kyuuto to anyone who wants to try an easy and fun craft!

Friends for ever
New friends.

Meep meep!

Teddy bear