What to bring to a paradise island

New pens

To create right now I need a lot of materials. For sewing I need thread, needle or sewing machine, fabric and most of the time stuffing (for softies and pillows) and buttons and other accessories. And for mixed media there is a whole range of materials and product that is needed.

If I were to spend a lot of time in lonely deserted island all by my self I know what I would bring: my ongoing paper diary and two pens. The new pink one with blue ink and one of the black ones to draw with, probably the vellum writer that has two ends of black ink. All of the latest pens bought this week is favorites of mine right now.

I’m thinking a lot about writing, and I thought this summer would result in a lot of writing. But instead I’ve been crocheting, knitting, sewing and drinking coffee with friends. Not a lot of writing at all, but some diary keeping and bloging is always fun of course. Maybe this autumn will be about writing when I’m home alone for a couple of weeks? I will know when inspiration strikes me, and will try to read some more in writing down the bones to keep me going.

Ze cat
If I was stranded on a perfect paradise island, I know I would miss my home a lot. I’m a stay-at-home-kind of person.

But as I said, if I only could bring three things from my studio it would be my journal and some pens, to sort my thoughts and jot down ideas for later. To draw the palm trees and compose some poetry about longing to go home…

What would you bring?

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  1. What a great idea. I would love my home too, more a stay at home, mixed media type and I had to leave my favorite tools acylic medium and the computer and the digital camera and the printer of course!

  2. ?h, det h?r har jag t?nkt p? m?nga g?nger, vad jag skulle ta med till en ?de ?. S? nu ska jag g?ra mitt f?rsta sf inl?gg minsann!

  3. That vellum writer pen looks very cool! Can I try it out while we’re stranded on the island? hehe :)

    Love that photo of your kitty, btw! She’s too cute!

  4. I hope you get to your writing! I LOVE to write and wish I did more! Sometimes I think a place like this Island of Paradise is just the thing I need to really get myself motivated to do more!!

  5. I too would take a pen & paper but would have bow down to technology by taking my digital camera…

    I love the picture of your cat…gorgeous!

    Ouissi x

  6. Pens are definintely a good idea! I think you should bring your lovely cat along as well! I think a cat would be perfect company on a lonely island!!! I love the photo of your cat… the pink feet are sooooooooo cute!!!!!!
    ~ Gabi

  7. “All of the latest pens bought this week is favourits of mine right now.”
    Oh. – I like that statement. It’s so right when it comes to pens.

    I did the same as you: brought my journal and pencil to write and draw for later inspiration!

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