Daily Art Card 081023

I love giving titles to things. Naming is an activity I love and I do it fast and without much effort. I name my art pieces, my blog posts and all of my art journals! And I take pride in them, both as titles to what they represent and as stand-alone entities that should “say” something or be plain beautiful…

Giving your art a name/title is to me a creative and fun game where I exercise both imagination and humour. Often I end up with what is in the serendipity of my thoughts at the moment when I?m typing the title. I seldom give it much thought so I?m not the best person to give advice on how to do it. So this post is not really a how-to even though it is?

How to name your art then?
The best way to find out what you like, as so many times in life, is to go about and practice! To me it?s a bit like writing poetry; I just play with words. And what could be more fun, right?

080930Mostly it is something that jumps into my mind. It could be a phrase, a word game, a song title (or a line from a song playing on the radio!), a quote? anything! Often of course it has something to do with the art itself. What I?m talking about more specifically today is my Daily Art Cards. Many of the Art Cards are collages and many of the collages have words and text all over. These have sometimes been named with one or several of those words, but not always. Most of the titles are in English, but not all of them.

I?ve done one Daily Art Card for each day this year and all of them have titles! That?s a lot of titles if you consider how long this year has been going on now. And actually I?m dead tired (yes I admit it) of naming right now. I still love making the cards, but my name supplier (left side of the brain?) is dry. I have several cards without name right now, and that feels sad! It?s kind of unfair to the poor collages and drawings that has not been properly welcomed into the world yet, because naming (at least when it comes to children) was always a way of saying ?welcome to the [art] community wee one!? Would you like to help? Please feel free to submit your suggestions below, for one or all of the cards. I?ll be cruel and pick the one I like the best for each card in an upcoming post. Titles on these cards can be a sentence, a word or what ever you think of first when you see it.

Be playful, be wicked, LOL at yourself; be you!

no name art
1. 081024, 2. 081022, 3. 081021, 4. 081017 (click on the date to get a bigger view of the cards)

more art with  no name (2)
5. 081020, 6. 081019, 7. 081018, 8. 081016

fabric art cards without name (3)
Fabric ones! 9. 081015, 10. 081014, 11. 081010, 12. 081009

Art Cards
13. 081028, 14. 081025, 15. 081026, 16. 081027

My creation
17. 081029, 18. 081030, 19. 081031, 20. 081011

My creation
21. 081012, 22. 081007, 23. 081003, 24. 081023

Guess this almost every card this month… please help!

Just remember to place a number before your title so I know which one you?re naming, for example ?1) Name of the Card, 2) Another Daily Card, 3) Third Name of Card 3, and so on?. If your title is not picked don?t be sad, see it as an exercise for naming your own art in the future. Have fun! And a big thank you if you take the time to help me!

I have no idea how other artists go about naming their art pieces but I would be interested to know! Feel free to share your thoughts on that too! Hope you’re voting too!! ;-)

Recently I accidentally named one of Marisa Haedike’s paintings which was fun! :-)