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A Good Girl that Rebels against Rules an...

A Good Girl that Rebels against Rules and needs a reset button…

I’m only doing this because Theresa tagged me, and she is one of my favorite bloggers and online friends. Mostly I don’t post about awards, memes and tags because the more people that read this blog the more emails I get. That kind of attention is sooo time consuming. Although it’s nice to receive attention […]

Pens and journals are always on my wish ...

Pens and journals are always on my wish list

Winter delight! So what is a fountain pen then? A pen filled from an external source and containing an ink reservoir that automatically feeds the writing point. [From that has a great article about The History of the fountain pen] After my post about my new fountain pen, this is what I’ve been looking […]

iHanna’s Guide to Stockholm – flea marke

iHanna’s Guide to Stockholm – flea markets, crafts, art and fika

Hi, I’m not an expert but… …I have my favorite places in Stockholm, Sweden (I was born just outside the beautiful capital of Scandinavia)! …I’ve been asked so many times (and recently twice by e-mail) about my Do Not Miss This When You’re in Stockholm List by flea market hunters, artists and crafters who visit […]

Good Crafternoon everyone!

Good Crafternoon everyone!

Good crafternoon everyone! It’s my new expression after listening to Sister Diane’s latest show! Listened to Diane’s podcast #80 (!!) Crafty Holiday Gatherings yesterday while experimenting with gesso sitting in my bed. I almost ruined my new jeans. The podcast is about crafternoons! What a cool concept that is, I was all exited afterwards. I […]