A little something I whipped together by the sewing machine! Ta-da:

Summer-winter scarf

Summer-winter scarf

iHanna in the Summer-winter scarf I’ve made a fleecy winter scarf! Front side is a patchwork of pink fabrics, all ready-cut leftovers from the Pink Quilt I made finished this summer. I’m sitting inside the quilt as I type this, it’s one of those things I use almost every day and love so much. Maybe I should go get the scarf too, I’m getting cold as I sit and type by the computer.

The backside is a fleecy fabric I bought to make especially for making a scarf with patchwork! It has orange flowers and pink strawberries spilled all over and it’s as soft as fleece should be! Pink and orange is a perfect match to me. As is winter clothes with summer warmth built into them. And happy fabric patterns and me. And handmade in my hands. Perfect matches made in heaven?

Summer-winter scarf

This scarf is another one of those tiny sewing projects I have been planning to get to soon. I mentioned that I have several little things I want to sew when I finished The Smilla pot-holders. Right now I’m sewing a sweater for me, so it’s a slow progress as I don’t get to the sewing machine very often.

iHanna in the Summer-winter scarf

My mom made a smilar one in blue, but she didn’t have such a nice fleece fabric so she took at thinner fabric and hers looks like more like a fireplace mantel piece, so I guess it will be used as such! But a table cloth isn’t to bad either. Mine works as a scarf because of the fluffy yellow fleece fabric.

Quilted edge
The quilted edge of my fleece winter scarf. Isn’t it pretty nice, the fleece and the cotton together like that? In heaven, I’m telling ya, in heaven…

Smilla in the scarf

Smilla does not want to be inside the scarf with me as I pose for self-timer photography in my new Hello Kitty-nightgown… I would’ve taken these photos outside on a frosty white morning but I didn’t feel like going outside in my nightgown and nope, I’m not putting on clothes today. Sorry, not even for you girls! ;-)