081109The title of this Daily Art Card (from 9th of November) is “Frans Kafka”. I did the collage and added a little piece of magazine text that says something about a flower that is called Frans Kafka. It made me think of the author of course and I thought, maybe the baby is Frans at a young age? Maybe back then he was happy? So I wrote the date and title on the backside and when I turned it back I had to laugh out loud. “Frans” is also fringe in Swedish! I love when things like that happen!

081113 I could tell a little story about almost every one of the collages I make. The Daily Art Cards all have stories in one way or another. The Elephant has the text invincibility (o?vervinnelig) but even though he think he is strong and cool he is instead invisible (osynlig), so that is what I named the card! He was made this Thursday and the number 13 is for 13th of November, from a calendar sheet I got from Joanna in Poland. The Elephant is cut out of a scrapbook paper with text that I bought from Ebay once and the words are from a Swedish English wordbook I thrifted last year. Every piece of paper has a story!

I got a lot of very nice suggestions on titles for my Daily Art Cards in my post How to Title your (my!) Art. I want to thank every one who took the time to play along and name a few (or all of them, thank you Flassie and Sophie!). I’ve felt energized by your suggestions and I’ve named all my November cards by myself! I have picked the keepers now and below is the list. I got a bit dizzy from doing this post while reading comments and trying to figure out which name goes where… But I think it’s correct now. All titles are fab – you’re so creative and fun!

Thanks for your help!

no name art
1) 081024 Can?t use my eyes they roll out – suggestion by Imelda
2. 081022 Fleur de Rose – suggestion by Sophie
3) 081021 The Daughter of the Madonna and a passing owl- suggested by Zom
4) 081017 Curtsy to the tune of Now – suggested by Flassie

more art with  no name (2)
5. 081020 Daydreaming – suggested by Lin
6. 081019 Bird in Word Tree – suggested by Lin
7. 081018 Owlord won?t you buy me… – suggested by Janice (JB)
8. 081016 L?ves the autumn bliss – suggestion from Maria

fabric art cards without name (3)
9. 081015 What would it be but a joyful soul – suggested by Anneli
10. 081014 Notorious – suggested by Anneli
11.081010 Raspberry Clouds – suggested by Anneli
12. 081009 Loops & Needles – suggested by Kim

Art Cards
13. 081028 Summer buzz – suggested by Kim
14. 081025 Dark flight – suggestion by Cathy
15. 081026 Fa La La La La La Fawns – suggestion by Flassie
16. 081027 Learning to Let Go – suggestion by Flassie

My creation
17. 081029 In the Scribbles or Merry little forest – suggestion by Sophie
18. 081030 Meditating on Creative Thinking – suggestion by Flassie
19. 081031 Just the Right Touch – suggestion by Flassie
20. 081011 Do or Don?t – suggestion by Sophie (and Leah)

My creation
21. 081012 Kiss the prince – suggested by Imelda
22. 081007 Rain leads to rainbows – suggestion by Leah
23. 081003 The wisdom of knowing nothing – suggestion by Leah
24. 081023 – Adopted Sisters – suggestion by Sophie

I’m getting tired of this format right now, it feels small and I need to stretch. I’m glad it’s only 1,5 month left of this year. I will not stop now, how crazy would that be right? Though I haven’t started a novel and couldn’t keep up with AEDM either, I’m still doing these cards and it feels like an accomplishment to be proud off.