Good Crafternoon everyone!

Good crafternoon everyone!
It’s my new expression after listening to Sister Diane’s latest show!

Art Journal Spread

Listened to Diane’s podcast #80 (!!) Crafty Holiday Gatherings yesterday while experimenting with gesso sitting in my bed. I almost ruined my new jeans. The podcast is about crafternoons! What a cool concept that is, I was all exited afterwards. I love love love it!

I need the book!!! It’s written by Maura Madden and it’s about gathering your friends and family (even non-crafters) and do projects together.

Art Journal writing - detail
I think we should all host a Crafternoon now in December and spread the crafting goodness to friends and family – and please invite me ASAP!? Please? And please make it be about glitter?

Crafting with neckties – oh my, you didn’t miss this podcast either huh? I listened to it yesterday and loved it! It’s one of Diane’s crafty shows (not interviews) that I notice that I’ve missed now that I hear one again! She talks about where to find thrifted ties and what to craft with them. I have a bag of my fathers old neckties under the bed by the way… hehe. I just need to dig it out!

I want to give

Remember I mentioned 29 Days of Giving where I (cheap bastard) didn’t participate but was lucky enough to be a receiver (yay!)? Check out Kimberly Wilson’s interview with the founder Cami at the podcast Tranquility Du Jour (formerly known as Hip Tranquil Chick, a podcast that I adore!): Gifting others!!

I want to sew

* I don’t need the ?ber List of Sewing Tutorials but it’s fun to look through it. I think I’ll be sewing a few things during December or at least during the Holidays…

* I most definitely don’t need to look through Sherry’s list of 100+ Homemade Christmas Gifts for the Craft-Impaired but I might do that too… And by the way, I don’t think anyone is craft-impaired!!

* After I finished my winter patchwork scarf I have admired Tracey’s most recent creations as she’s been sewing with fleece too! Go check out her post Remnants are my friends (and later posts) in her blog Giggleface Studio as she is sewing fleece toys from Fiona Goble’s book Fleecie Dolls! It looks like a great book for toy makers and it makes we think of dolls and toys. I haven’t made any in a while and I miss them (it!).

Again, who said time is limited? Duh! I think it was me.

Art Journal details

More details from the Art Journal spread above:

Parker pen writing
Trying out my new Fountain Pen on a gessoed page… It works just fine!

journal page  detail
Detail photo from my huge fold out journal page above. I often use lots of bold colors, but this spread is kind of toned down. I like it!

Now back to my gesso experiments!

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  1. You are very funny today.
    And isn’t gesso amazing? Thank goodness for Michelle Ward!

    Now, to Diane’s podcast.

  2. Thanks for the two shout-outs! Glad you liked. Wouldn’t it be cool if all of us online buddies all over the world could somehow get together in one room for a holiday crafting session?

  3. I love this latest journal page! I haven’t journaled in two monthes. This spread may just draw me back into it.

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