Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Knitting some

Self portrait (taken with timer and camera standing on my chest in bed).

We don’t celebrate Halloween here in Sweden. Though, as everything around the world is becoming americanized, we do have access to pumpkin-ghost-stuff in some stores these days. When I was a kid there were nothing like that here. And so far I haven’t picked up on this new-to-me tradition much. Instead I’ve been painting my nails black (as usual). I’m sitting alone in my room, stirring in my (yarn) pot with my magic wand.

If the rest of the world population consumed at the level of the U.S, we’d need the resources of 4 more planet earths.
EO Wilson

Halloween socks

So sorry, but you can see it’s true; Halloween sucks, at least here in Sweden. Or at least I think it does! I always feel tricked this season! Booo-hoo! Sorry if I’m a bit hallow-whiny today, it is my personal holiday spirit.

I’m planning to scare as many kids as I can – and maybe dye Smilla black tomorrow, just for the season spirit. Anything to keep (and develop) the holiday tradition, right? Or maybe I’ll just put on my newly finished Halloween Socks in pink, blood red and pumpkin orange and treat myself to a big bag of candy to celebrate that I sure ain’t dead yet! The pink yarn is Karusell (from Marks&Kattens, Norway) 100 % merino wool superwash. The orange is Bambino ull (from Schachenmayr, made in Norway!). The red yarn ball lost its label a long time ago.

Halloween socks

Yeeahaa, I love finishing a pair of socks but I can’t remember if these are my fifth or sixth pair… Or seventh maybe, if I count again! The yarn is three different brands of wool that I’ve gotten on different occasions and locations. All three are favorite colors and stripes are a favorite pattern of mine, especially for socks (and tops as you’ll soon discover).


Next I need to experiment with knitting mittens – if I ever get a pattern that will go with the yarn I already own, I refuse to buy more yarn. I don?t even want the yarn I have right now because it is weighting me down. Do you ever feel the burden of your material?s expectation on you? I know the expectations are my own, but I always imagine I would be light as a feather if only? If only I could use my magic wand to compress it all into a manageable size, but instead yarn and the likes magically lures me in the wrong direction every time, thinking I need more when I need less! It?s a strange world we live in, us creative types.

Now, I will click my ruby-slippered heels together three times and fly away to a witch meeting in town!

Pumpkin & smooches to ya!

Oh heck, here are even more photos (I can’t stop myself);

Planning Halloween
Smilla, not a black cat (yet), thinks it’s a bit too cold to go outside today.

Halloween socks
Encore – just for you! My hand crafted Halloween socks. Yummy, warm and mine mine mine.


My broken glasses haunts me… They slide down my nose and makes my eyes look slanting in a crazy angle. :-)

Happy Halloween!

I know. It’s time: Quit complain and just stitch it up girls!

Happy Halloween to everyone who is celebrating it!