Knitprovisation by Cilla Ramnek (Swedish book cover)Today I’ve got some smoking hot Book-news for you.

I read about a new book over at Tricia’s blog Bits and Bobbins, and I just had to tell you all to go get it! I own it myself already, but in Swedish, and I love it. You will too, if you like crazy designs that is almost ugly! :-) At this book got three one-stars, so I had to write a review of my own and give it five stars:

In English it’s called Knitprovisation: 70 Imaginative Projects Mixing Old with New. I love this book, because it shows me ways to think that I couldn’t even imagine before seeing them. But I agree with the reviews written before mine, this is not a book for the average person. If you like cute or stylish or if you are the kind of person that likes to “blend in” this is not the book for you. Cilla Ramnek takes second hand knit wear and makes them into funky clothes art.

I’m not even saying I personally would wear anything from this book, but I feel the inspiration flowing from the pages. This book is a book to look through over and over again, before going to flea market or sitting down to design something new at the sewing machine. I want to use crocheted pot-holders on a bag, make a sweater out of not-at-all matching materials and experiment with my own knitting and sewing more.

It’s just fun, smart and experimental! Get it if you are curious.

  • Check it out: Knitprovision at, by Cilla Ramnek
  • Other cool internet news: I’ve did my first buy at etsy, and I can’t wait to get my goodies. From where, you might ask. Why Theresa of cours.
  • Have you seen this youtube movie where a guy draws for days at the white board? I’ve seen it a couple of times now – amazing stuff! Check it out, but sit down or you’ll be dizzy!
  • You can now file your sets of photos into different folders; “collections”, at I’ve been wanting this tool since I signed up over there, and now it’s here. Thank you flickr team!