Cardigan and cap
I bought the yarn for this Baby Cap and Cardigan in April, as a planned Christmas present for my boyfriends sister’s baby.

Baby cardigan

It took a lot more time to knit than I had expected, and to sew together the cap was really a strange experience. But now it’s all done. With buttons and this week I knitted the stripes for the cap and wrapped it in a red package with green ribbons for Felix.

Baby cardigan

I gave the Christmas present early (this week) since I was afraid he would grow out of it too quick. It’s knitted for size 6 months babies, but Felix is growing every day so much! He is only 2,5 months old, but the cardigan was to small:

Warm stuff
He didn’t like wearing it, and this is the only time he will be pushed and forced into it. But the cap fitted, and will do so for a while.

Hjlmmssan on. The horns are unintentionally there, I don’t know why. I’m going to add a tuft to each of them for fun.


We’ve spent lots of time with Mr Big this weekend. I need a better camera, I love taking photos but out of about 200 these are the okay ones.

Felix Felix Felix Felix