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Video | Happiness during winter

iHanna’s Happiness Project, because: why not!? To be able to get more happiness in your life you need to think about what really makes you happy! Thinking about it more consciously is important because when you do that you will not only attract happiness but also (hopefully) find more ways to become a happy person. […]

Create a Notebook of Inspirational Quotes

I think it’s a great idea to keep a notebook with your favorite quotations in. I’ve collected quotes that inspire me forever and ever, but just recently dedicated a special notebook for them; a tiny spiral bound one that I made myself. The cover is a rosy wallpaper (recycled) that I just had a very […]

I knitted socks using the rainbow as my guide

I can’t get enough of the rainbow! I love stripes and bright colors that intermingle and glow! Maybe it’s because there is not enough colors outside this time of the year? Everything is gray and muddy, I have to color my own world. I hope you’re doing that too? After the ripple blanket I went […]

A girl with many passions

These are recycled tin cans that I’ve wrapped in gray wallpaper. I love tin cans, they are such great containers for pens, scissors, paint brushes and all those little items that is floating around in my life. These are for my parents though, because they match the wallpaper they have one wall close to the […]

Needle felt a tiny teddy bear

I bought a needle felting kit at Ebay last year. There are 10 colors of wool, a couple of special needles and a foam-rubber-like cushion in my kit, and it was actually cheaper to get it from the US than trying to find it here in Sweden for that money! I’ve made a tiny heart […]

Encapsulating time well spent

I’ve finally joined the GPP Street Team and done Michelle‘s prompt for January 2008: Journal your blog! I mean I have this blog, I have my dearly loved Art Journal and I looove the concept of documenting everything everywhere as you know. And I loved the free little labels that Michelle made with titles like […]

Rainbow Ripple Afghan finished

I have finished the Rainbow Ripple Afghan that I’ve crocheted, and I’m so pleased with this project. But first: Tulips from my grandmother in my ripple afghan colors – I took this photo after I had taken these of the blanket / afghan: Yes, it is true. It’s finished. I have it around my shoulders […]