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gppstc16buttonI’ve finally joined the GPP Street Team and done Michelle‘s prompt for January 2008: Journal your blog! I mean I have this blog, I have my dearly loved Art Journal and I looove the concept of documenting everything everywhere as you know. And I loved the free little labels that Michelle made with titles like Time Capsule 2007! I had to join!

Craft Report 2007

It’s kind of a reverse thing to do for me, to journal what’s in my blog. Most of the time I do the opposite, and since I’ve made a printed book with the content of my blog 2006 I don’t really need to journal it too, right? But I’m up for trying most things. One try never hurts! Though I wouldn’t normally have done this prompt but inspired me to think further into documenting what I do and what I create in my life. And out of all my posts I choose the Annual Craft Rapport post with photos of most items I crafted in 2007 – and then I glued all of them into my new Art Journal! It was fun, but the pages looks more like scrapbooking to me than classic arty journaling… The most scrapbooking looking layout I’ve ever made, huh?! Strange feeling.

Crafted/made 2007

Here is another spread from my new Art Journal where I’ve used more of my favorite papers, papers I vowed to use more of and not save for “later” any more!

Me in 2008

This spread is me envisioning my future. I will try to do more of this, both in written word and images, this year. I need change and I want to attract it by doing collages like this, writing as I was already there and so on. You know what I mean? See the future – be the change…

Art Journal collage January 2008

Creative Every Day 2008 I’ve also joined the group Creative Every Day 2008 as I’m doing my daily art cards and already feel that creativity is my religion! My happiness depends on me finding time and a place to be creative.

I’ve joined a mermaid and sea swap and I’ve been working on a little mermaid with wild hair this weekend. Also joined the Valentines postcard swap! So, a great start craft-wise in the new year. How are you doing?

Oh, and thanks soooo sooo sooo much for your lovely comments on my ripple blanket below! Thank you for allowing me to brag, I might just take your word for it and continue to do so this entire year! Maybe brag will be my word of the year? No, just kidding. I choose one word for the first time last year, and boy was that the correct word. I heard about it when Amy talked about choosing a word for the year at her show Creative Mom podcast. I think it’s a great idea, if you can find the right word. I’m still pondering this years word, and I’m leaning towards… productivity! ;-)

Have a fun week!

Oh, and two close-up images from my journal:

Craft report 2007 - detail

Craft rapport 2007 - detail

Now I want to go write a couple of letters (talk about being an inspiration to people)! I actually thrifted the cutest letter paper last week, with a blue dressed angel…

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  1. Hanna! Happy to have you come play with the team! I love your journal pages. I know for those who regularly share their journal pages online it’s an odd challenge to ask them the journal their blog – and especially for you since you made a whole book of your blog. That is really cool. But so is printing and pasting your posts on a page with your own notes written in, don’t you think? Your page where you used new favorite papers is what I call Me First Journaling. You are free to use the remainder once you’ve saved a little bit for yourself. Helps us to become less precious with the stuff we hoard :) I’m off to browse around here. Thanks again for sharing with the team.

  2. Fantastic post! I loved reading it, and enjoyed your journal pictures!!! How clever that you made your blog in to a book! I will definately be checking back!

  3. wow – Hanna – such a cool and inspiring post – going back to savor – love the book – and of course the journal pages…

    xox – eb.

  4. You are very productive already, joining so many craft-alongs! *^v^* I absolutely love the spread with you on the sofa, it’s so colourful, cheerful and bright, that’s the future we want to choose!
    The beginning of this year brought me back some inspiration for new merchandise for the Polish on-line galleries, I’m finishing a new batch right no and I’ll show it soon on my blog.
    Keep creating! *^v^*

  5. Hi! Your colorful blog entries and journal entries are really wonderful… a shot of brightness much needed on such a dreary morning in my neck of the woods! I fight with myself too, about hoarding paper and pretty things to use on “just the right thing”… you are on to something… I’m going to start using more pretty things “just because I like it”! Thanks for joining our group… any chance you’re related to the organic cotton hanna andersson?!? :D

  6. Love this post, all the great ideas, and your passion for journaling. I am fascinated by the book version of your blog! I’m going to check that out!

  7. Hanna,
    I love your first ever sock monkey!

    I also really liked the layout with the squares that I think you thought looked scrapbooky. I actually liked the linear, organized look as a contrast to the usual layering and such that happens in my journal and others I’ve seen. Thanks for the visual inspiration!


  8. Wow! What fabulous inspiration! And I love the layout of the squares, it reminds me of Etsy. Those papers are beautiful, too!

  9. I was immediately drawn in by your colors. Rich clear tones that sing out. Yummy. Good for you for using the “saved papers’. I am trying, I am trying. Little by little (usually I wait until they get torn, wrinkled, or dirty, then because they are wrecked, it’s all right to use them – not because I am trying for distressed effect though!)

  10. I love your journal pages – those lace up pink boots – please!The colours and images are right up my street too.

    I found your earleir posts about making a book of your blog very inspiring. I tried book slurping with booksmart but there was too much wasted pages with it. Maybe I’ll play with it another time when I have more time to concentrate.

    Was thinking about joining in with CED too….

  11. HA! :D I LOVE your AJ pages about your blog! How fun! I agree… usually it is the other way around. Interesting perspective to do it this way…. :)

  12. Hi Hanna!
    Hey, wanted you to know I put a link to your blog in my current post, where I talk about deciding to focus on one skill. You had mentioned the same sort of “problem” in your own crafting life, so I hope you don’t mind that I mentioned you in my post. Let me know if you’d prefer I remove the mention and link, ok? LOVE your blog… so colorful and cheery and SO much to look at… I keep finding more and more cool stuff! All my best!

  13. I am amazed that your printed a whole book! I just started my blog, so I should “take a leaf out of your book” and start a folder just for that purpose. Thank you for the idea!

  14. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your layouts! Your square cut-outs are THE coolest! Love the journaling surrounding the picturs! Awesome!

  15. Hey Hanna! How are you? I don’t see anything new posted, so I’m wondering if maybe I’m not on the right page? I’m looking for new “Hanna art”! Hope all is well! K.

  16. This is the first I’ve been to your blog. I’m so glad I’ve found you! Your blog is very inspiring and so fun to read. I love your collages!

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