Art Journal Peek: Life Bubbles & θάνατος

In anticipation of Winter Darkness I visit my Art Journal, and Death rides into the picture.

Art Journal Peek: Life Bubbles and Death

Every All Saint’s Day (the day we celebrate here), with the dark night of Halloween and Dia de los Muertos lurking, I go rather dark in my Art Journal. Though this year my dark page is paired with a page of painted bubbles that were done pre binding this book. That’s how it happens sometimes. I now call them Life Bubbles, hoping they will give balance somehow…

Detail: Can you feel the cold

The entire page, created with white paint and charcoal marks, is created to finally house the card of death, O θάνατος, which is Greek for Death (pronounced than’-at-os). I have several of these cards laying around, since many years, and now this one has finally found a home:

Detail: O θάνατος

O θάνατος! May you rest in peace!

If you’re out riding late, and feel a bit cold perhaps, I’m inviting you in so that you can sign up for the DIY Postcard Swap, print the Free Backsides and join in the fun (until Tuesday). Just because we’re having a Postcard Party around here and you should join too!

Wishing you a Creative November week!

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  1. Hanna,

    I grew up in Mexico and live in South Texas (USA) where we still celebrate Dia de los Muertos November 2. I would love to hear more about how people honor their faithful departed.

    I love your page. I wish I could share my Dia de los muertos journal page with you.

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