Creativity is happening here
Using Natures Colors today. This is where the creativity happens! In the midst of chaos.

I really enjoy selecting a focus and choosing pretty things to photograph, but also, I enjoy documenting the mess on my table. And really, it’s more accurate and true to what is there most of the time. I wish more artists would show their real tabletops and not the polished ones with a stack of ordered notebooks on top… Also I enjoy the chaotic feeling of some of my collaged journal pages. Like the mess I did on this one:

Art Journal: Feeling autumny
I love how much there is to see! Take a closer look:

Art Journal Detail: baggy pants
Heart used as pattern
Art Journal Detail: Flower suprise

As you can see this page too is filled with the colours of nature and the autumn season. What are you filling your pages with? Remember, most importantly on all journal pages, it to add in the joy of play!

Take care!