ti's found poetry fun

Here is another spread with lots of circle fascination, where I’ve also played with cut out words and created my own (Swedish) Found Poetry. I love these little poems! They make me smile because the language is old fashioned and the don’t make (much) sense. Perfect found poetry, right?

Circle that!
My found poetry is funny, but it will probably not make much sense at all to most of you because the words are in Swedish. :-) But it’s rather pretty to look at too. And maybe they will inspire you to cut out your own words and start playing with them?

In my (now almost vintage) post How to use Text Elements as backdrops for collage I’ve written about found or “clipped word” poetry:

Create your poetry with a few cut out words from a magazine or used book. Use one that youre not interested in reading or saving. Look for whole phrases that you find interesting or that speaks to you and save them. Cut them up or use as they are. You can create whole poems this way, but also add visual interest with a few words.

Cut out poetry from vintage book

Create crazy combinations.

Art Journal with Cut out poetry

Cut out words that are beautiful to say out loud, or that have special meaning to you.

Cut out poetry

Experiment by laying them out for a trial poem…

Have you tried writing your own “found art poetry” yet?