Log cabin pin cushion

I am really low on energy, so I thought I’d do a quick post with a giveaway. At least that will give the blog some energy.

Pin cushions

I recently found a few pin cushions in a paper bag where they have been hiding, almost since the day that I made them in the summer of 2006. I’ve started using one (that I will keep for me) and I really like having it on the table in front of me when I am embroidering while watching TV.

I made the pin cushions when learning how to sew the log cabin, my favorite quilt square. I think they look rather cute, and like I said, they are great to have at hand for embroidery needles and pins. I guess they were meant to be at some craft fair or given as gifts, but somehow they are still here. I find it hard (sometimes) to give away my own creations, especially little ones like these. Anyone could make them, and they aren’t perfect. But if you haven’t made one of your own yet and think you could use one – hey, this is your chance! They are already created and stuffed, so it would be lovely if they were used in someones sewing environment. Because I don’t feel like listing them in my Etsy Shop (where I mostly have collages these days) and thinking they wouldn’t earn me anything much I thought I’d give them away, and also join the Sew Mama giveaway week just for fun.

Blue pin cushion

Want one? Leave a comment below letting me know what big or small craft project you really want to get going on during the summer? It’s high time to think about it now. Oh and no need to state your e-mail twice, just in the e-mail field and I will get it (you shouldn’t post your email address online anyway, spammers will catch it very quickly and send you lots of it, so when giveaways state that you do that, tell them no thanks and hi from me). Giveaway Day I will of course ship international (since I am international myself, born and still living in Sweden). I don’t really “get” domestic giveaways anyway, it feels like bloggers who host those don’t understand what a blog community is and how world wide it really can be! ;-)

Then visit the super long giveaway list of Sewing + Craft Supplies and also other Sew Mama Sew giveaway posts!

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