I think it’s a great idea to keep a notebook with your favorite quotations in. I’ve collected quotes that inspire me forever and ever, but just recently dedicated a special notebook for them; a tiny spiral bound one that I made myself.

Notebook Idea nr 1: Collect great and inspirational quotes in a small, spiral bound notebook - more pictures at www.ihanna.nu #notebooklove

The cover is a rosy wallpaper (recycled) that I just had a very small piece off. The inside is blank pages that eventually will be filled with my favorite quotes. I especially find good ones on other peoples blogs right now or in magazine articles. I keep this book close to the computer, because even though I’ve tried to keep a digital file of quotes I forget to print it all the time. Book quotes are often a bit too long to fit into this small book so sometime I write them down in my diary. I only jot down quotes that means something to me, quotes that speak to me and that I want to read and re-read several times. Often they are about habits, creativity, happiness, change or growth.

Here are a few examples how my book look inside:

Spiral Notebook for great quotes by iHanna

Spiral Notebook for inspirational quotes by iHanna

Spiral Notebook with Quotes collected by iHanna

Spiral Notebook with Judy Wise quotes by iHanna

More photos of books of quotes at my photo page.

Would you like to have a similar book of your own? You can take any small notebook and make a little label for it that says “My Quotes” and glue it to the cover. I’ve made several for friends I know like words and writing. Or if you don’t have a book you can use one that I’ve made!

I’ve added three small spiral bound books to my Etsy shop. Check them out!

Small spiral bound books
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