If you’ve read my blog for a while you might recognize some of the images in today’s post.

Made by iHanna 2007 - mosaic III

These mosaic images are all about what I’ve done during 2007, craftvise. It doesn’t include anything I’ve written or made on paper in my journals or on the computer!

Made by iHanna 2007 - mosaic II I have saved one photo of each finished project in a folder on my flickr account during the past 12 months. I wanted to see what I really did make during one year. Sometimes it feels a lot, sometimes it feels like nothing. But it sure is something! You know I’m a sucker for that kind of looking back and documenting life thing.

I’ve used more patterns than I usually do during this year it seams. Other people’s pattern has helped when my brain didn’t want to help me create. I’ve made most of the softies from found patterns, like the sockmonkey Wendela, some dolls and the cat.

Jennifer's cat girl I think I’ve written something here in my blog about most of these things, but not the cat doll in yellow fabric that I made just before Christmas for my baby cousin Jennifer. She loves cats so it was an easy choice from Wee wonderful’s pattern book. It’s bigger than I thought it would be and not my favorite.

Looking at these pictures I’m thinking that in 2007…

  • I made 6 pillows
  • I did go tiny with a lot of things (I’ve made a teddy bear too but I’m going to try to take photos of him today so you can see for yourself)
  • I made nothing to sell because I didn’t have the strength
  • I didn’t go to any markets
  • I’ve knitted a lot but have nothing to show (yet)
  • I only crocheted one amigurumi and that was a commission
  • I will have to do mosaic more
  • I’m still in love with my patchwork skirt
  • I was right about knitting with pearls – it’s not my thing
  • there were a lot of sewing (influenced by mom)
  • I did a lot of craft despite everything
  • I’m proud to have made my first book during 2007
  • I’m very glad I have my blog which make me take photos and write about all this

I haven’t blogged about the turquoise wrist warmers either. They look like this:

Turquoise wrist warmers with pearls

They are very comfortable and I love the pearls, but I’m probably going to leave the knitting with pearls thing to my mom. She is addicted and made five pairs during December!

I haven’t shown you my ripple blanket yet either? It is absolutely my favorite project of the year so it should be in this post – but I have no photo evidence yet. This is all I’ve got to show today:


Maybe I’ll try to take a photo of it today to? This promises for a fun week in this blog next week too, huh? Then I’ll be finished with my guest blogging at Kravallsl?jd too and will have more time to write (and answer letters, I’ve gotten a lot of questions lately and I will answer all – thank you girls!)

I made these in 2007

Michelle posted about some great New Years Rules and the rule Take out the Trash really resonated with me because that is what I’ve been doing during the last few days! Taking out trash? you ask. Well, yes! And that means cleaning up what needs to be cleaned up in order to go forward, or as Michelle writes and I quote:
This refers to doing the stuff that NEEDS to get done. Just getting things done even if they’re a pain in the butt! These are the things that often take some work to get done and are inconvenient but oh man, when you get them done, it feels great!

In my case it’s the knitting in the craft department of my life. In other parts of my life there is so much dust that I can’t even see the trash right now, but I don’t want to think about that right now. Maybe tomorrow! ;-)
I’ve started more knitting projects than I’ve finished during 2007. Yesterday I finished the cardigan (!!!!) that I’ve been knitting on since for ever! Now its more of that weaving in the ends plus the boring task of sewing it all together. I will do my best to take out the trash and then brag to the world (or cry about) how nice it became.

I’ve 1,5 knitted socks on the needles, a half finished sweater (?), a cotton top (somewhere), a border of another cardigan and another one that I’m not sure what happened to it. So January will be about knitting (and writing).

Have you made your annual craft report yet? ;-) It feels great to sum up a year like that. Thanks for reading!