Recycled tin cans

These are recycled tin cans that I’ve wrapped in gray wallpaper. I love tin cans, they are such great containers for pens, scissors, paint brushes and all those little items that is floating around in my life. These are for my parents though, because they match the wallpaper they have one wall close to the computer desk. Recycled both the cans and the wallpaper – fun and easy craft project!

I’m trying to be efficient when I sit by my computer, but the more I try to organize my time the more wonderful blogs I find all around that I want to enjoy, read back on and add to my daily list of visits. I click on to galleries and past work and wish I could comment on everything I see! You are all so wonderful!

Pink stars
(Pink glittery stars that I bought very cheap at a flower shop after Christmas – aren’t they awesome? I don’t know what I’m going to do with them yet but I’m so happy I grabbed a few!)

Though I’m trying to unsubscribe to as many blogs as I can right now I’m still adding new ones that I’m curious about. Can’t help it! Especially love journaling girls with so much inspiration it hurts my head. I’m falling in love over and over again, and it gives me little time to actually leave the computer and do some craft projects and art myself! I’m finding blogs I have never visited before and I don’t know what I’m doing wrong/right. And new to me Swedish blogers are popping up everywhere. Swedish girls that are writing about subjects that I’m passioned about; journaling, daily creativity, art, goal making, happiness, craft, projects, notebooks, inspiration, books… Amazing!

Today I finally designed a very small “poster”
with my goals for 2008! It’s not really a poster but a list that I will print and put over my bed, in my art journal, in my handbag and on other places where I might see it and review it daily! I’ve had it on my nozbe – list for a few weeks now. I love ticking things of, and it’s one of my goals to tick things of at that site! Another one is to not make long link lists in my blog but to write more and concentrate on the creative side of my life. When I take the time to sit down and write I fall in love with that too, over and over again. I just love cranking out words, creating sentences, making my life meaningful and connecting to others with the written word! I love it! I had so much fun last week writing in Swedish at the Kravallblogg!

From Brio

I wrote about some of the things I feel passionated about, like the new to me craft store Brio that we visited last week. Some of the things I bought were fun patterned tissue paper for doing collages in my journal (love the polka dots!), a bag of brightly colored wool yarn that I will try to knit a bag with (to felt), stickers, plastic mosaic, a set of color pencils (yummy to play with), glitter, pink sequins, big number stamps (for doing a Lynne Perrella inspired collage that I’m planning) and a whole lot of glue sticks. I don’t think I would say that glue sticks are one of my passions but I’m sure is passionated about gluing things down and these finish quickly around here!

Writing in Swedish was interesting
, and I got into the mood of changes but I still don’t know how or if. Shall I start another blog about creativity in Swedish or change my main writing language here and loose you my favorite readers? Or should I start another blog with my art journaling pages that I can’t fit here? Or should I… One of my new years resolutions is to write more, but also to focus on what I need to reach the bigger goals, like starting to make some money. Another blog feels wrong (=too time consuming, too much work) in the bigger picture. We’ll see what happens.


Knitting week is going OK. One project finished (will show soon) and the threads of the finished (!) sleeves are all weaved in! Phew, what a job that was. Loving stripes is not fun when it comes to finishing a project I can promise that.

Over and out for now.