The important thing is to do, and nothing else; be what it may.

Collage: Do your Thing
Do your thing!

Are you doing your thing? Have you found what it is? I can truly say this is my thing! Because it is. Making art. Pushing on. Finding new ways to combine paper. And with seven new artworks in my project 365 collages in 2013 I still love this project! Love it!

And I like it a lot more than I remember liking Daily Art Cards that I did in 2008. The dailiness of that project stressed me, and made me publish and save a lot of stuff I didn’t like. This is different, because if I hate something I have time to re-do it, recycle or throw it away. Plus this year I’m keeping up with posting to the blog which makes it more fun too.

Collage: Small Gifts
Small Gifts

Recycling is a bit of a theme here today, because three of these collages are cut to size (13×13 centimeters) from larger artworks that I didn’t like at all. I think going up in size with collage is very hard, but I’m sure I will get there some day in some way. But these weren’t to my liking so I cut them down and now I think they work better.

Please let me know which collage you like the best and why in the comments. I So appreciate your feedback and encouragement on this project…

Collage: Transformation

Collage: Manly Evolution
Manly Evolution

Collage: Letter from Sweden
Letters from Sweden

Collage: Re-Cycle it All
Re-Cycle it ALL

Collage: Prioritaire

I hope you too are into recycling, both for trash and treasure – but mostly for the environment.

Happy Glue it Tuesday!

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