iHanna’s Happiness Project, because: why not!?

Art Journal detail

Art Journal detail from these pages

To be able to get more happiness in your life you need to think about what really makes you happy! Thinking about it more consciously is important because when you do that you will not only attract happiness but also (hopefully) find more ways to become a happy person. If you are happy your family feels it too. Maybe you will be able to exchange some of the things that makes you unhappy or even eliminate them? So try to get more of that nice feeling into your life. I know I need it, I think we all do in our everyday life.

The first step is to make a happiness list.

Look around you; what makes you happy right now?

This is my first video list about things that make me happy. Please post the video in your own blog, spread the word, or make your own list of what makes you happy in moving images, photos, illustration, journaling or a blog post!

Next video in this series will come soon to a theater near you!

Be Merry and bright!