Title: The December Journal by iHanna
Today part II of The December Journal, just a few more pages, some evidence of my own Christmas traditions, found imagery, Winter Schminter postcard and fun ideas all bound together with love (and a spiral spine of course).

Cozy blankets + colour theme
A little collection of Christmas colours: red, white and green. The paper on the left (with orange Christmas ornaments) is a scrapbook paper, a gift from Sister Diane a few years ago! On top of it a few sub-pages…

Page on a page
Hope wrote about her new inspiring project to fill an agenda journal (art journaling can be anything!), and there I learned that “pages on pages” could be called sub-pages. I hadn’t thought about that, but I love sub-pages too! I often create them by taping one side down and letting the other three sides be loose so you can lift the sub-page and have a peek underneath!

Pages within the page
These sub-pages are three layers of magazine images that had nice images/ideas on both sides!

Card from Maria + Ornaments
A white envelope page for later writing (with this years card from my friend Maria L) and a collage of inspiration from magazines.

Candy cane + empty recipe card
Candy canes, animal ornaments (did you notice the white owl ornament?) on gold and an empty recipe card…

Candy canes + gift wrapping
…that you can flip up to see the right page with gifts better (plus advice on “how to create a white winter” glued to the back of the recipe card).

Winter Schminter!
This postcard have been moving around in my paper stash for a long time. I love how darling cute it is but haven’t found the right place for it until now. It is a Mary Engelbreit postcard with the text Winter Schminter! I could’ve sent it to someone because the back is empty, now I am keeping it for me and just sharing it here with all of you. I believe it was a gift from Theresa Smythe once. The right page is a scrapbook paper and a Moleskine writing sticker.

Lucia candles + pink office
Another page for writing (with another label from Marcia + Lucia statues) and a page with yummy pink office supplies. Oh dear!

Christmas images + Christine's postcard
Collage on the left and to the right the most beautiful photo postcard from Christine Clemmensen (I won a giveaway and also received some very cool smaller postcards from her). Isn’t it beautiful? Just had to include it into this book!

Envelope storage + Santa
I believe these transparent envelopes are called “glassine” envelopes (?), great for tucking in gift labels and extras. The Mr. Santa on the right is a vintage embossed scrap-die-cut.

Envelope page + magazine page
Elk gingerbread cookies and an over stuffed Christmas window view.

Recipe + magazine advice
Of course I had to include a print of my own saffron bun recipe card in the December Journal. I zig-zaged it to the wrapping paper using a red thread. The right page is a magazine clipping about how to take care of your bulbs to get the most beautiful Christmas hyacinths.

Wonderful + H for Hanna
The left page is made from an extremely lovely gift bag in cream and gold colours, and on top is a scrapbook “thing” for wonderful moments. The right page has illustrations from old Swedish books that I have made into other things. These two images makes me think of winter: A jumping hare camouflaged in white for snow hiding (but H is for Hanna) and the reindeer herd walking in snow, a common sight in the more northern parts of Sweden along winter roads.

Bear hug + Pig hug
Then the last page for today: a bear hug and a pig hug.

This is posted as Evidence pages in the art journaling crusade it’s a wrap, check out what the other crusaders are doing with wrapping papers and ephemera from Christmas! Until next time…

Big hugs to you!