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Three Christmas Journals + Video

I made a couple of Christmas Journals in the beginning of the month. Yay! They’re up for sale if you’re interested, although I know that I am late posting them for this Christmas. But I just can’t keep these goodies to myself until next Christmas – so here we go! I want to share them […]

Art Journal Peek: Some Christmas Pages

My December Journal is bound into a thick and wonderfully merry book, but as life goes, I haven’t worked in it much. I’ve been journaling in my regular diary, and even kept a list of three things I’m grateful for for most of the days in December, and with all that I haven’t give the […]

Starting a December Journal

We are well into the last month of the year, December. In addition to gingerbread baking and window decorating I think you should consider making yourself a December Journal. It really brightens the mood, and makes the days a bit more merry. I’ll show you a few ideas from my December Journal in this and […]

Collecting Christmas Papers

Right now my desk is filled with paper projects. It’s the end of the year feelings, where I go through boxes of stuff and decide on what I want to work on, finish, or leave behind. It’s a way of clearing the plate for new ideas coming January I guess. In the process, I’ve found […]

The December Journal part III

Today part III of browsing through the pages of The December Journal, the never ending story… Hehe, actually today I will show you the last pages of this journal, not all are finished spreads but ready to be used when Christmas 2011 comes around and as you all know, that will happen sooner than we […]

The December Journal

The December Journal is here, and it’s lovely. Remember the pile of papers and Christmas ephemera I collected on my desk in December? I turned the whole pile into a December Journal full of Christmas Evidence! Most of the pages are sewn on the sewing machine and the journal itself is spiral bound. I’ve got […]

December Journal in progress

I decided to go ahead and make myself a Christmassy December Journal anyway, even though it was half through December and I really didn’t have the time to do it. Sometimes when there is no time you just have to ignore that and do your thing anyway. Especially if it makes you happy. Sewing papers […]

December Daily Ideas

I have some December Daily Ideas & Inspiration for you today. It is easy to be inspired in December. It’s the ultimate count down to the Holidays (for some) and a New Year (for most of us). It’s a time of expectations, making plans, decorating everything (including ourselves and our journals) and making, baking and […]