Link Love: Creative Blogs (new to me) II

Creative Perspective

This is part II in the series where I’m emptying my google reader folder of “new to me blogs” and sorting them into other folders all the while wanting to share with you all my great and inspiring finds. Hopefully you too will find new favorites (although still have time to come visit me and leave sweet comments).

Inspiring Blogs on Creativity

  • Third Age Musings – Jill Taylor does both mixed media stuff and textile art that I really like.
  • All the luck in the world – Jane is from the Netherlands and I think everything she does is pure magic. I love her style of everything!
  • Karen Michel – I already have her book and I love it, her blog is filled with cool images of interesting looking art related projects
  • Thimbly things – Kristena doesn’t post often but she crafts pretty things.
  • Textures shapes and color – at Leslie Avon Miller’s blog the headlines alone makes me smile
  • Lynne Hoppe – art and art journaling stuff that makes me wish I could paint + experiment + play all day long!
  • A Creative Life – Mary Ann Wakeley makes awesome abstract paintings! I found her on flickr a long time ago – but she also has a blog! Who knew!
  • Mimilove – Mimi does crazy long posts on crazy cool mixed media paintings that includes awesome embroidery. Post more Mimi!!
  • Awkward & Beautiful – Natty herself says that she is nutty but she is just young and awesome, she does art journaling and is a fellow teacher of 21 Secrets.
  • Oly paper stuff – I have no clue what it is… but I like it. Found via Kelly Kilmer of course.
  • 37days – Patti Digh (you probably know her books already, like Creative Is a Verb?) is a published
    writer but mostly a writer at heart.
  • Speckle of twisted whimsy – Tara Ross’ blog is filled with colourful strange creatures in art and art journaling form. I want to learn to take cool photos of my art journals on white, just like Tara does. Beautiful!

Inspiration galore, right?! Leave them a comment and tell them I said Hi! :-) I hope you’ve enjoyed these blogs and maybe found inspiration somewhere out there that will help you do something creative today. There is so many good blogs popping up all the time, I can’t read them all all the time so I do it periodically, to keep me sane.

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  1. Inspiration galore indeed! I have to tell you, whenever I’m in need of color or inspiration, I scroll through your blog. It really is delightful!

  2. Inspiration? Look at Lynne Hoppe’s Tumblr….that thing lights up several times a day…all amazing! She has excellent taste. It keeps me happy.

  3. Oh, wow! Thank you for linking to me! I can’t wait to explore all your other links. I love your blog too and find it endlessly inspirational!

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