Blog post originally in Swedish, translated later when I decided to blog only in English here.

In a Minute ago blog by Sharon

Learn Embroidery Stitches

At Sharon B’s In a minute ago you can find her blog and a very crazy page with a lot of embroidery stitcheslisted. In alphabetical order you can find all the most useful embroidery stitches, all linked to more information with a step-by-step-tutorial on how to sew them. Photos included, so there is a lot of inspiration there.

I want to learn all of these!

Updated link: Stitch Dictionary – in alphabetical order and with lots of images

Crazy Quilting

There you can also find Sharon’s quilt for Y2K (year 2000) called I dropped the Button Box. It is a crazy quilt with close up photography of all the 2001 blocks, filled with lace, buttons and all kinds of textile decoration. It is such a thrill to look at. I haven’t had time to look at all of the quilt blocks yet, but I know I will return to this site to enjoy it several times more. There’s also some more crazy quilting there too – a whole gallery of inspiration and embroidery with a lot of colors and different stitches! Yum!

I found another quilt site, this one from a woman in Germany called Claudia Hasenbach, who blog and whose handicraft I really like. She has, if I understood it right, designed fun patterns like one called Springtree – so beautiful! I would love to be able to sew something like that. Well, her entire page about spring is to my fancy. She is kind enough to share her patterns online, and a page where those that are using her patterns can share what they’ve made from her patterns, which seam like a smart idea to inspire others.

Bonus Quilt Inspiration link

A piece of my soul – Quilts by black Arkansans.

Do you have any tips for other craft sites or blogs feel free to let me know – I’m always looking for inspiration!