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Index card

Thank you Tammy of Daisy Yellow for always inspiring me!

Your inspiring blogging always makes want to create something, anything. You’ve even made me get a brayer of my own and several of your favorite pens!

There is an index card party going on, and everyone is invited! I think I’m rather late to it. So sorry, I’m bringing balloons and funny hats for everyone!

I’ve been the happy receiver a little goodie bag from Tammy, filled with papers all smelling of peppermint (caffeine free) tea! Yummy! These squares were all hand painted by her (or her girls perhaps?) and pre-cut, sent to me in a little plastic bag. I though what better way to celebrate the Index Card Project Summer (an idea that’s all Tammy’s) than to create a card with papers from her hand!?

If you haven’t already, go check out DaisyYellows’s well stocked Etsy Shop (she has many pretty journals that looks yummy) and also her zine. Here is my copy, I printed it out:

Daisy Yellow stART e-zine printed
Daisy Yellow’s digital and very pretty stART e-zine

I read it on the train the other day and it made me smile, think, and then run home to create. I want to do all the prompts on the prompt pages for sure. Check it out, it’s called stART e-zine!

Happy Index Card Day everyone, or as we call it in Sweden: Daisy Yellow Appreciation Day! ;-)

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  1. Please check the link to the index card party– doesn’t work and I wanna attend!

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