Bike Saddle Warmer

Red and pink wool flower

Right now there is just too much snow to use the bike unfortunately, but at least I can report that my modern day wool embroidered travel cushion (åkdyna) is finished and will warm by butt on many tours in both autumns and springs to come! I’m proud to say it’s all my idea, my design and my embroidery (leaning on old and well loved Swedish embroidery traditions)!

Bike Saddle warmer

Leaf details

Bike Saddle cover

Red and pink wool flower

Bike Saddle warmer

Embroidered heart

Also about this embroidery: the start and a progress report.
More bike inspiration elsewhere: I don’t want to put away my bike, I want to start crocheting for it!

10 Responses

  1. i don’t know if i could rest my bum on there!! it’s soso pretty!!
    the stitching in the heart is unique…does it have a name??

  2. This is too beautiful to use as a bicyle seat. Love it!!! Thanks for the links in the previous post…cheers!!

  3. Only you would think of this lovely way to find comfort while riding a bike! And look at how beautiful! And i love the flower embroidery.

  4. I absolutely love the heart embroidery. That is such a nice combination of color and stitch. Great work!!

  5. Too pretty to sit on! What a lovely idea. I shall have to get a bike now, so that I can make a saddle warmer ;-)

  6. I love this! It’s so cute. Do you have a little white, wicker basket on your bike too? Because this would so go with that look!

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