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Ideas are like rabbits. You get a couple and learn how to handle them, and pretty soon you have a dozen.
John Steinbeck

Tiny rolls of wallpaper

Hello dear Friday, you are the photo day around here, it seems… A time to slow down a bit and look through the photo folders perhaps…

This week I’ve actually been working a lot with photos, making my own memory book of 2012! Yes, skipping around a bit, the only other book I’ve got finished so far is photos of 2008 (finished in 2010, gaah!)… Slow progress, sssslow indeed.

On my blog it’s time for a few more photos in my dear Dear Photo Diary series. Enjoy!

Tiny Flower Doodle (on text)

Looking through photos of my WIP photos reminds me of how many things I want to do, at all times of all days. It’s a good reminder.

Patchwork Embroidered Cat
Slow writing in thread
Withered flower bouquet
Crocheted Bracelets

I think I will have to make a list of Work In Progress (especially the embroideries) I have in boxes around here. Things that are almost finished (but not quite) so that I can tick of the list when they are really done. I tend to finish the embroidery part, but then it’s the framing or really backing fabric, and a hanger.

Also, see those crocheted bracelets I made earlier this summer? Yay me, I actually used one of the tutorials that I linked to here. Yay! Sometimes it just happens!

Wishing you a happy weekend!

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  1. I’ve done a list of WIP before, with the goal of finally checking them off. It’s pretty effective! There were a few things that made the last list that ended up not being worth the time…I was actually willing to abandon them and move on to something new. Finally deciding to finish or abandon them really left mental (and physical) space for new endeavors.

    • Åh tack Karin! Quilt-katten är gjord på frihand, men det är inte min idé utan jag har sett den på internet. Superkul att sy, och roligt att brodera dit ansiktet. Nu gäller det bara att använda den någonstans och quilta den också. Kanske en kudde tänker jag…

  2. Kul! Jag vet inte hur stor den är, men min första tanke när jag såg den var en grytlapp – jag håller nämligen på och letar idéer till en grytlapp som jag vill göra till min mor i julklapp! Du råkar inte ha en länk till din ursprungliga inspiration? Vet inte om jag vågar mig på att skapa helt eget mönster ännu… :-)

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