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Embroidered Polka Dots | Pencil Case

I want to share my love of polka dots with you guys. We’re starting with these pen cases I covered with embroidered polka dots. Isn’t polka dots the most inviting and lovely pattern that exists? I am always drawn to … Continue reading

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Birds on a Picnic

When visiting Gotland I hand felted and sculptured a little bird. Then I embellished him like crazy, adding sequins to the chest, curly and coloured wool to the bum and yellow wings for him to fly with: Please follow and … Continue reading

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Stitching on Wool

Wool embroidery, where you use wool floss on wool fabric, is something Swedes have been doing for a long, long time. It creates durable, warm items that holds together through wear and tear and time. Most common are cushions for … Continue reading

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Embroidered ball / Singlad boll

My embroidered ball is finished, and I am very proud. It took quite a while to cover the whole surface with stitches but I looove how it came out! My embroidery group have been learning to make these and everyone … Continue reading

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Bike Saddle Warmer

Right now there is just too much snow to use the bike unfortunately, but at least I can report that my modern day wool embroidered travel cushion (åkdyna) is finished and will warm by butt on many tours in both … Continue reading

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Progress report on the wool embroidery

A bit more on the Swedish wool embroidery today. The start of this wool embroidery wasn’t a very good one but now you can see the progress. Once the outlines are finished I am starting to fill the flower with … Continue reading

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The start of a wool embroidery

After reading nightly in this very cool new Swedish book about wool embroidery called Yllebroderi (a must-own-book!) I was very eager to start a wool embroidery of my own. A bit too eager (plus watching a movie at the same … Continue reading

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Computer time

My names day is early each year. Today I got a parcel from mom who has been in Thailand, a belated names day gift. It was filled with Hello Kitty fun; an orange t-shirt, a cell phone cozy in furry … Continue reading

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Serendipity gloves – to redo a slipover

The faculty of making fortunate discoveries by acciden – or the story of when a slipover became a pair of gloves… Continue reading

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