December Journal by iHanna, Copyright Hanna Andersson

I decided to go ahead and make myself a Christmassy December Journal anyway, even though it was half through December and I really didn’t have the time to do it. Sometimes when there is no time you just have to ignore that and do your thing anyway. Especially if it makes you happy. Sewing papers together and making journals makes me extremely happy.

Once I got started sewing pages together on the sewing machine I couldn’t stop so it became a bulky little creature, my December Not-Daily Art Journal!

December Journal pages...

I have a red folder in my paper stash and for the past months I have been sticking everything winter related into that folder. Wrapping papers from last year goes there as well as a few articles on Christmas crafts and scrapbook paper I’ve gotten as a gift. I felt very organized as all I had to do now was pull it all out and start. I did cut through one Christmas themed magazine from the stash and then I started building pages…

December Journal in progress

Also, I have collected stickers from different shops, used postcards, some new catalogs and finally found a purpose for my red washi tape! It is all going into the new journal, though I don’t think I will fill every page this December… Like I said, I made a lot of pages! I want to sit some day soon to journal about our traditions in it, but that will only fill a few more of the empty pages. I think I will bring it out next December and continue then to add to it and be inspired by what I have already saved there.

Printed recipe cards
One of the things that I wanted to include in my December journal was the free printable recipe cards that I created and shared in PDF-format here on my blog earlier this month! I am very happy with them, and I have added a few of the empty ones so that I can journal on those!

As you can see the from the first photo in this post the book is actually finished! I assembled it and put it together using my spiral binding machine! I will share individual pages once I take photos of them, I hope you don’t mind! I know it is officially post Christmas and all, but I haven’t had time to photograph the book yet.

I will try to make better plans for next years Christmas posts… I got inspired late because I am a late bloomer… Or actually, making a December Journal was not my plan so I had to squeeze in time to make it between everything else! Though I am very happy I took the time making this book, and even started to make a second one!

Sew cute angel

Thanks for all the lovely comments on mom’s Christmas Angels too! I got to keep one (yay!) and I am naming her Lucia St Angel! She is keeping my company as I sew Christmas pages and listen to Christmas songs and think about all the journals I want to make next year!