I always say that I’m not a Christmas Crafting Person, but of course, I think a little of it is fine once December comes around – and can be rather jolly. Wanna join me and make a small Christmas Tree from felt?

Christmas Crafting - get into the mood
Make your Own Christmas Tree photo by iHanna

I will just never be the Super Craft Blogger to share a new Christmas Craft everyday until Christmas… Or maybe I should know better than to say never these days… Anyway, this year it was the perfect segway to get into the Christmas Mood when there is no snow outside… And making your own Christmas tree from felt was super fun – and then decorating it. I almost didn’t want to stop!

So to get into the mood, I hosted a Crafternoon the other week and set the table with a bunch of hobby felt that we could pick from. And then we drank glgg, put on Christmas music and made trees! It was the perfect Christmas Crafternoon!

Some of my many beads

We made a simple triangle pattern from paper, and everyone cut two triangle pieces from the felt fabric of their choice. I picked a light green felt fabric, and sewed the two pieces together on the sewing machine. You can choose if you want to turn it, or leave the sewn edge on the outside like I did. There are many choices with felt, and both gluing the pieces together or hand sewing could work too.

By the way, just to keep me honest and you well-informed on what happens on a Crafternoon… the table was a total mess at the end. Here’s a peek at the craft table (or what covered it while we worked):

The Christmas Crafting Mess

I have way too many little jars of beads and trinkets, but it’s super fun opening them up and finding a use for them. I also got out some different thin ribbons, and finally found a use for a sequins ribbon in my stash – I wrapped it around my tree and oh my, it glitters beautifully as it hangs over my computer right now.

Beads and trinkets

Everyone finished their trees, with hangers and tree trunks (in felt and/or a piece of a flower pot stick), except me, who hosted the thing.

All the Christmas Trees photo by iHanna

I helped with the sewing machine, served gingerbread and so on, so I couldn’t finish my tree that evening.

My Aunt's Christmas Tree photo by iHanna
Christmas Tree in red felt, with lots of white beads sewn on, and funny ribbons sticking out on each side.

Mom's Gray Christmas Tree photo by iHanna
The most sophisticated tree of the lot is a gray majestic tree with simple decorations of snow flakes and two colors of beads.

Isn’t it cool that “the same idea” and even the same pattern, can result in such different expressions? It’s creative freedom – one of my favorite things in the world.

Our 3 trees photo by iHanna

My own green tree went a bit overboard the next day… The green did go well with all the pink decorations I wanted to use on it, and once I sat with it I couldn’t stop adding “stuff” – it’s a bit over decorated but who cares? Maximize if possible!

Here are some close-ups of it, once I finished it:

My Decorated Felt Christmas Tree photo by iHanna
Love my tree! Wish it was full size, but a small one like this is perfect for a small apartment like mine…

If you can dream it, you can do it.
Walt Disney

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Let me know which tree you’d pick in the comments, or if you’ll make your own Christmas tree from felt (or another material) this weekend?