I have so many fabrics that are too beautiful (and too big) to just lay folded in my wardrobe. I thought that this spring/summer I would make some skirts for me out of some of this fabric. But it’s been slow, really slow. At least I haven’t bought any new fabric at all this year. No energy, no pattern, no joy in making. But then I decided to push myself, so I finally made a skirt! Hurray for me.

rundskuren kjol
The fabric I used is thrifted, maybe online, and I think it once was a curtain. It is orange and pink, with big simple flower pattern that I didn’t want to cut up too much. The pattern I used is from a description in a craft magazine dated 1975 I think. Some inspiration also found in Marie Claire, see the violet skirt on the spread? I love the big edge, but didn’t use that idea this time. But I’ll save it for another skirt.

My temporary sewing studio as I make myself a skirt

My temporary sewing studio

Sewing studio set up in my sunny kitchen. I love this picture with all that sunshine on the wall…

Me in a skirt I made

Yay! I made a skirt for myself!

This week I wore my skirt for the first time when I was in town and had coffee with my friend C.

I was the brightest person in the whole city! And here is another photo, because green and pink goes so well together:


I enjoy sewing my own clothes, especially when I have (vintage) fabric this beautiful on hand.