Sewing book review: One-Yard Wonders

It’s called One-Yard Wonders 101 sewing projects and it’s put together by Rebecca Yaker & Patricia Hoskins. One of those books where sewing bloggers could send in projects to be considered to be in the book kind of books.

One-Yard Wonders book

I’ve been looking through this book a few times now and it’s about time I write about it. I think it’s a pretty and useful craft book. The first chapter, Sewing Fundamentals, is a great introduction with helpful tips for any beginner. Some of the projects are extremely easy to do, others a bit more time consuming but still not impossible I think. ;-)

From the first chapter introduction:

What do you see when you open the closet of your sewing room? Is it filled to the brim with fabrics that you just had to have but didn’t have any plans for? Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed trying to find coordinates, or do you need ideas for small projects?

If you you say yes, this is a book for you! I’ve got a lot small pieces of fabric (too much) and I adore all of the patterns and can’t downsize (I’ve tried!). I need to start sewing!

One yard wonder
I think this book has great photography with fabric choices that is lovely and inspiring. Every now and then there are helpful how-to-illustrations and all of the projects have step-by-step descriptions. Plus the pattern pocket that makes it super easy to get started – no need to enlarge tiny patterns on a copy machine!

With as many as one hundred one sewing projects of course there is bound to be a lot of patterns I have no use for (like clothes, toys and gifts for dogs, babies and bigger children for example). And even if I have a cat I sure wouldn’t make her a fabric tent knowing she would never even enter it! But on the other hand, of course there are a lot of fun things that appeal to my eye and that I could find useful if I made them. I love totes and handbags. I’ve been meaning to make a sewing-machine cover for years now, as well as a yoga-mat-bag, a laptop sleeve and a few fun aprons. I want to make them yes, but it just hasn’t happened yet…

One yard wonder

This book is made with almost the same size and style as another sewing book I bought last year, Chic & Simple Sewing written by Christine Haynes and published by Potter Craft. They are big books with hard covers and a spiral binding inside plus a huge inside pocket with the patterns ready to copy and sew from.

The Chic and Simple Sewing book
has full-sized patterns for more than 20 projects with skirts, dresses, tops and jackets, for the, as the book calls it, “modern seamstress”. I love most of the patterns and I would love to wear some of these things when the summer comes…

I haven’t sewn anything from any of these books yet, which makes me realize I am more of a fabric collector than a seamstress? But I still enjoy the books a lot and I?ll get back to you if I ever pull myself together and make something from them!

One yard wonder

Fabric Yard Resources:

One Yard Wonders book (Photo by iHanna - Hanna Andersson)
I got this book from the Storey publisher along with their beautiful catalouge with a cover by one of my favorite blogger the artist Geninne who has a inspirational and colorful blog. I want to embroider one of her birds!

By the way, 1 yard is almost one meter (91.44 centimeters). You will not be able to do all of the projects with “just one yard of fabric” like it says on the front cover, hehe, but you can do many things with that amount of fabric. Just take a pick and start sewing! Let me know what project you will do and I might get a kick in the butt to start too!

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  1. Nice review of this book. I sometimes have to let books gestate on my shelves before I get around to making anything out them. That tote bag looks pretty nice though, I may have to check this book out. Thanks.

  2. Kate, thanks for your input. I agree, sometimes you need a bit of time before knowing where to start. “Gestate” – great word, I had to look it up coz it’s a new word to me. Love new words, thanks.

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