Merry Christmas

I want to wish everyone who visit this blog a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Crafty Year! In Sweden we celebrate Christmas and open our presents on the 24th of December, so today is the day!

With this post I want to thank everyone who has sent me e-mails though the year, with feedback, encouragement and crafty thoughts. You are all my friends, and you make me a better and happier person. Thank you every single one of you who took some of your time to read and/or comment in this blog and/or write in your own blogs!

Thank you soooo much to everyone who have sent me gifts, prices or swaped items, for making the blog expericene a real thing in my life too. And thank you big time to everyeone who has bought something in I shop with Mom shop! I can’t exprese how much that means to me, and to my mother. If only you could’ve heared her scream when I told her her first sell was made. She is that kind of do-it-yourself-person who would’ve never dreamed of charging money for her craft – because who would pay anything for such things? I love the fact that internet provids me with a chance to show her that her quilted bags etc. would and will be loved all over the world.

♥ I hope you have a great crafty holiday, I’m setting of with my knitting and art journaling to sit by the fire and just be. ♥