Angel cards

I finally had the time this week to make a couple of serene Christmas Cards, and sent them of in the last minute! I used some old craft cards with a Santa I didn’t like and hid him behind text from a book. On top of that I added angels that I’ve scanned, printed – and cut out! I’m really pleased with the result. Specially after I added lots and lots of glitter glue! hehe.

Angel cards and presents
In some of the envelopes I added little homemade gifts, like lavender bags, some of the hearts and fabric bracelets from this summer.

I had so much fun putting it all together, I just wish I had it all “planned” a bit better, but it worked out okay in the end.

De klassiska stj?rnorna I also sent away a couple of my photos of the Christmas stars.

Every card I sent away looks so much better than the ones I made last year, which tells me I must have learned something about what I like and can do this year! That is always nice to know. I hope everyone feels this way, that they’ve learned new things this year. That the year has not been a waste of time…

That you have shared something from yourself; knowledge, love, crafted things, words, emotions, laughter, hugs, tears or a bit of your own silence perhaps…

I got a bunch of small punched out paper in different shapes from a new friend, Ulrica, at the last Christmas Fair. She said she wanted to see what I’d do with them, so here is a close up of the envelopes I sent out this year:

Envelopes with flowers

I really liked how the flowers looked on the envelopes and post cards! My fingers got stuck in the glue stick a couple of times, but who cares, right? Glue on your fingers must mean you’ve done the right thing today. Crafted!