Valentin Heart

Happy Valentines day!

I love hearts and the colours of Valentine, but this year I haven’t created as many heart inspired things… And nothing photographed and uploaded to the blog until today! Though I know you get valentine overload, so I’m not worried for you guys.

This heart above is cut out from a machine felted sweater, so it is all about recycling. I ♥ felted sweaters as a craft material! I did sew it together (by hand because I like to hand sew sometimes) to make a little heart, later stuffed to make it more puffy. This is a quick and easy way to adorn your wall, mirror frame, a bag or put up in the window.

Hearts on a string

Last week I was sewing a few hearts together like this one, similar to the ones I did in the Hearts on a string tutorial that was published in the book Pretty Little Gifts a few years ago! Check out my tutorial in the book!

Valentin HeartValentin HeartValentin HeartValentin HeartValentin Heart

Tutorials on my blog

Today I have finally created a overview page of my Tutorials! It looks incredible inspirational and yummy, and I hope new visitors will find it helpful. This kind of page is called a landing page, and I have been wanting to feature the few tutorials I’ve made over the years on a special page for a while now. Finally, it is up! Here are a few of the tutorials you’ll find on this page:

How to make a paper patchwork on a notebook cover
Patchwork Notebook
Valentine Postcards
How to make your own scrap inbox
Scrap Inbox
How to make a mosaic pot out of vintage rose china
Mosaic pot
IKEA mirror
Photo altering
How to make your own paper cloth
Paper cloth
Owl Diary
How to mount & custom make a alphabet stamp set
Alphabet stamp set
How to make decoupage magnets
Decoupage magnets
How to make a big inspiration board using a vintage frame
Inspiration board
Trying glass fusing for the first time
Glass fusing
Making a pink quilt
Quilt making
How to hand sew a patchwork ball
Patchwork ball
Inspiration Quilt with found photos made together with my cousin Charlie
Photo Quilt
How to sew with paper stripes
Paper sewing

Yup, I like how the Tutorials Overview came out! Seeing them all together like that makes me proud – and inspired. I am thinking I want to create a few more tutorials this year, the DIY planner one coming up soon and then maybe something on art journaling I think. More heart from me? Earlier I’ve written about how I think we all should embrace the heart as a symbol in our art. I have also created big heart shapes my art journal. That is one of my favorite pages still.

Row of hearts

You are enough

I listened to this quick mp3 talk by Liz Lamoreux today, and it was about self love. I thought it was very appropriate for a Valentine listen, because we can not love others if we do not love our selves as you know. Listen here: What would happen if…

Want to know how I have practiced self-love & appreciation today? These are just a few things from my list;

  • walked in the sun with my head turned up
  • went to exercise
  • drank lots of water
  • ate the first semla of the year
  • made my bed with fresh sheets
  • went to the library and picked up this book, as recommended by Kim and later Johanna
  • had tacos for dinner

♥ I am sending you lots of metta right now!