Valentine Self Love

Valentin Heart

Happy Valentines day!

I love hearts and the colours of Valentine, but this year I haven’t created as many heart inspired things… And nothing photographed and uploaded to the blog until today! Though I know you get valentine overload, so I’m not worried for you guys.

This heart above is cut out from a machine felted sweater, so it is all about recycling. I ♥ felted sweaters as a craft material! I did sew it together (by hand because I like to hand sew sometimes) to make a little heart, later stuffed to make it more puffy. This is a quick and easy way to adorn your wall, mirror frame, a bag or put up in the window.

Hearts on a string

Last week I was sewing a few hearts together like this one, similar to the ones I did in the Hearts on a string tutorial that was published in the book Pretty Little Gifts a few years ago! Check out my tutorial in the book!

Valentin HeartValentin HeartValentin HeartValentin HeartValentin Heart

Tutorials on my blog

Today I have finally created a overview page of my Tutorials! It looks incredible inspirational and yummy, and I hope new visitors will find it helpful. This kind of page is called a landing page, and I have been wanting to feature the few tutorials I’ve made over the years on a special page for a while now. Finally, it is up! Here are a few of the tutorials you’ll find on this page:

How to make a paper patchwork on a notebook cover
Patchwork Notebook
Valentine Postcards
How to make your own scrap inbox
Scrap Inbox
How to make a mosaic pot out of vintage rose china
Mosaic pot
IKEA mirror
Photo altering
How to make your own paper cloth
Paper cloth
Owl Diary
How to mount & custom make a alphabet stamp set
Alphabet stamp set
How to make decoupage magnets
Decoupage magnets
How to make a big inspiration board using a vintage frame
Inspiration board
Trying glass fusing for the first time
Glass fusing
Making a pink quilt
Quilt making
How to hand sew a patchwork ball
Patchwork ball
Inspiration Quilt with found photos made together with my cousin Charlie
Photo Quilt
How to sew with paper stripes
Paper sewing

Yup, I like how the Tutorials Overview came out! Seeing them all together like that makes me proud – and inspired. I am thinking I want to create a few more tutorials this year, the DIY planner one coming up soon and then maybe something on art journaling I think. More heart from me? Earlier I’ve written about how I think we all should embrace the heart as a symbol in our art. I have also created big heart shapes my art journal. That is one of my favorite pages still.

Row of hearts

You are enough

I listened to this quick mp3 talk by Liz Lamoreux today, and it was about self love. I thought it was very appropriate for a Valentine listen, because we can not love others if we do not love our selves as you know. Listen here: What would happen if…

Want to know how I have practiced self-love & appreciation today? These are just a few things from my list;

  • walked in the sun with my head turned up
  • went to exercise
  • drank lots of water
  • ate the first semla of the year
  • made my bed with fresh sheets
  • went to the library and picked up this book, as recommended by Kim and later Johanna
  • had tacos for dinner

♥ I am sending you lots of metta right now!

11 Responses

  1. I can’t tell you how excited I am that all of your tutorials are now in one place. Thank you so much for doing that. Happy Valentine’s Day, Hanna!

  2. Thanks Erica, so glad you are digging the page. They’ve been in a category called “tutorials” all the time, but I think a page overview makes it easier (and more fun) to check them out! I’m so with you on not going with the commercialism of the holidays, but I opt for handmade instead of boycott. :-) Anyway, Happy anti-Valentine’s Day to you!

  3. Happy Valentines Day! I LOVE that you talk about the practice of self-love & appre iation because that is just as impt as loving others.

  4. Danielle, yes it is indeed. All year around of course, not just today though I thought it was a good reminder today that the little things we do are so important for self-love which leads to happiness.

  5. MMM, semla….I’d love one right now! Apparently you can get them here in London, but not anywhere near where I live…
    Thanks for putting the tutorials on one page! I did find your fridge magnet tutorial last week, I’ve ordered some magnetic thingies online and will make some next weekend! :)

  6. Oh, I hope you’ll find a semla soon Sara. Or you could bake them. I did once, not as fluffy as bought ones but quite okay with lots of yummy cream. :-) Happy creating!

  7. Hi Hanna, your Tutorials Overview page is just scrummy! I took a listen there to Liz Lamoreux and what a powerful mp3. Thanks for the recommendation! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  8. Happy Valentine’s Day! You are so generous with your writing. My daughter would love making the heart.

  9. Happy Valentine’s Day! So excited to go back and check in with all of those yummy-looking tutorials.

    Also, I LOVED the Hunger Games! Hope you do as well!

  10. Great job on your tutorial landing page. This will be huge – especially for new readers. Trying to get through archives on a blog that is new can be so intimidating and time consuming. I love that you have made it so easy for all of us new readers and old readers alike. Thank you!

    You have inspired me with your descriptions of how you practiced self love today. So many simple little things and they can make such a difference. But what I loved is seeing them as giving love to myself instead of seeing them as something I should do or a chore.
    Again, thank you for the insight. Very valuable to me.

  11. Hi Hanna,

    Thank you so much for doing this article on self-love. It is so important to be reminded of this often. Self-love is like taking a bath or shower, we need to do it frequently.

    Big Hugs

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