Long-term Project: a Hexagon Quilt

This winter I started a new quilt project, because that is what we all should do in the winter. Nest, be cozy, start big projects and drink tea.

Hexagon ideas
Hexagons in progress.

I’m using the hexagon shape and paper piecing, a slow hand-stitching process I like. I think this quilt will be in subtle pinks and browns… And I know it will be a long term project. It’s already resting, but I’ve got a whole lot of cut paper pieces and some fabrics in a pile that I might use. Not really thinking about it right now, but looking at these photos I’m dreaming of how beautiful it will be – one day.

Hexagon ideas
Hexagon ideas
Hexagon ideas

Did you know that Sustainable happiness, happiness that is more permanent, unchangeable from external events, come from three keys: good friends, good family, and long-term projects, according to one Yale professor Bloom. And this one is looong-term project perfect to sew on among family and friends, but don’t expect progress this month. ;-)

External Link: Quilt inspiration at the blog Comfort Stitching, a favorite of mine.

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  1. Agree with the idea of long-term projects, somethng to pick up and work on in quiet moments and there is no sense of rushing to finish. Really like this quilt, though it seems quite complex. Looking forward to seeing photos of the quilt complete.

    Have just managed to do that blog post that I mentioned about Metta Zine, bit delayed, it’s up now.

  2. Wow! Keep us up to date. I love the brown pieces in the first picture, I think they’ll go really well with the orange. Is this going to be just a patchwork or are you going to try to incorporate an actual pattern?

  3. Yes, this one will be groovy.
    Haven’t had a long term project for a while. I’ll have to plan for winter…

  4. Ah yes!Projects! Goals, spiritual activities, beliefs and principles and good family, friends and creativity.Can’t beat it! Love the colours!

  5. Hanna, what size are your hexagons? Just wondering. I have a hexagon template that I cut paper shapes from but to make a quilt like this would be awesome!

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