Mixed Media painting Flower Power

I long to paint again, especially when I see this painting. It hangs above my bed and it makes me happy. And proud. And amazed, because it was me who painted it. Me!

I have been so unusually busy away from home lately that my acrylic paints are soon to start collecting dust, settling in after the class I taught IRL. This painting, maybe called The Power of Flowers, was created last year after I did my first abstract painting. I found it here on a shelf and noticed that it must be finished. Nothing I could add now would make it better… And that is the telling detail when to consider something finished! This means it should actually be added to my Creative Achievements List of 2010! All I’ve done this year is to hammer two nails to the back for hanging, and then I hung it on my wall. I can’t believe I made it. I just can’t. It doesn’t resemble anything I’ve created before, not even the previous abstract painting! I’m thinking; will this be the case for every painting I do? Something completely new? Or will I find a thread. I’d like a wee thread to hold on to.

Mixed feelings

I want to try again; could I create something similar? And I hesitate with fear; I have no idea how I did this pretty painting, so how can I do it again?! Where the heck did it come from? The fear and the passion often mix inside of me, making my life the Creative Adventure I often talk about. I don’t need to climb steep scary mountains (even though I have done that too), all I need is a paint brush and the challenge of creativity!

More extremely yummy photos (if I may say so myself) of this painting below!

Top view/></a><br />
I love paint on the edges, and viewing it from the top and sides.</p>
<p><a href=a new favorite painting
This one looks good in all angles.

Close up on yummy texture
It has a lot of gesso texture below a lot of paint, which I love.

Painting detail / texture

A small yellow flower

A bigger flower