The streets are made of ice and the trees are still partly hidden in snow. Spring feels far away but when the sun comes out it makes everything a little brighter even when it is -14 degrees Celsius (6.8 Fahrenheit) outside.


When I take my mittens off to snap a photo with my cell phone my hands freeze up way too quick. I managed to take a few this weekend though that I had to share with you all. I got my first smart phone last year (an htc wildfire) and I still haven’t gotten used to having a phone that can take pictures and do all kind of fun stuff, but I love it!

Ice on the river.

Apple tree.

Me and the apple tree shadow.

Beloved Milton boots, still going strong!

Low sun making long striped tree shadows on the river. Breathtakingly beautiful.

Back inside I try to get warm again.

Later in the evening I light a whole batch of candles, just because.

On days like this I can truly say that winter, with all that beautiful snow, is my favorite season, at least until Spring time…